Time Out, episode 135

A roundtable-type discussion about Chicago-area sports.

00:19Copy video clip URL Tape countdown

00:40Copy video clip URL Time Out Intro and guest introduction (Gary Fencik, all-pro safety for the Chicago Bears; John Schulian, sports columnist; Fran Spielman, WIND radio ‘s sports and political reporter; John Mengelt, broadcaster and NBA veteran)

1:41Copy video clip URL Group opens discussion with San Diego Padres comeback against the Chicago Cubs in the 1984 baseball playoffs; the poor calls made by the “scab” baseball umpires (union umpires were on strike); and the difficulty of obtaining tickets for baseball playoffs.

4:23Copy video clip URL Interviews of Cubs fans explaining how they got their playoff tickets. Most seem to have won a ticket lottery.

5:57Copy video clip URL Tape of Roger Wallenstein and Bill Veeck, former baseball team owner and sports commentator, discussing the differences Cubs fans faced when going to the stadium in San Diego.

8:14Copy video clip URL Back to the studio: Fencik, Schulian, Spielman & Mengelt discuss the high class people attending the playoff game at Wrigley Field. They then dicuss the excitement of the fans vs. the local press coverage; how the players react to this press coverage.

10:10Copy video clip URL Tape of Steve Garvey, first baseman for the San Diego Padres, and Schulian. Topics include Garvey’s thoughts on older baseball players, and how much longer players are able to sustain successful careers, including what Garvey might do once he retires.

14:38Copy video clip URL “What continues to be amazing is the delirium at Wrigley Field.” Various shots of excited Chicago Cubs fans in and around Wrigley Field in Chicago. Montage to music.

15:51Copy video clip URL Time Out Sports Almanac

17:02Copy video clip URL Discussion turns to Ernie Banks throwing out the opening pitch at the playoff game.

18:16Copy video clip URL A shot of Banks throwing out the pitch.

18:30Copy video clip URL The group briefly discusses soccer-the Sting won the championship but hardly anyone has noticed.

18:59Copy video clip URL The conversation switches to the Bulls and their player repositioning. John Mengelt (regarding the decision by the Chicago Bulls to put rookie Michael Jordan in the point guard position): “… I don’t think [The Bulls] will end up going that way…they might try…who knows what’s going to happen?”

19:37Copy video clip URL Discussion on that week’s college football games.

20:44Copy video clip URL Bill Murray, actor and Chicago native at Wrigley Field, talking about sitting in the stands and jokingly complaining that Bobby Vinton was chosen over him to sing The National Anthem at the playoff game.

22:36Copy video clip URL Fencik and Schulian discuss pro football that week, including Walter Payton’s anticipated performance in the upcoming Bears game, followed by a Football Quiz.

25:31Copy video clip URL Banter and predictions from the four main commentators for the coming week.

27:13Copy video clip URL Closing credits over more Cubs fans mayhem, followed by sponsor identification (7-11)

28:21Copy video clip URL End of tape.


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  1. Erick Rosales says:

    voice-overs include Marty Robinson and Don Ferris

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