To Ski Jump On The 4th of July – The Roller Skiing Report

00:33Copy video clip URL Documentary on a summer ski jumping contest. Tape begins after color bars and tone. Footage from a car driving down a highway with the ski jumps rising in the distance. A sign, “Lake Placid XIII Olympic Winter Games 1980” is shown. It is July 4th, and this is the 33rd annual summer ski jumping contest.

01:29Copy video clip URL Voiceover begins. The speaker is shown but not identified. One of the people responsible for placing the snow on the jump speaks. “We usually get it out of the lakes in wintertime…cover it in sawdust to keep it until the fourth of July.” The ice is put through a shredder and then the shredded ice is put on the ski jump. Footage of people shoveling ice through the shredder and down the slope.

03:30Copy video clip URL The contest begins.

03:47Copy video clip URL Interview with a ski jumper: “It’s warm! You’ve gotta dress to protect yourself, then it’s sweaty.”

05:22Copy video clip URL The contest winners with their plaques.

06:13Copy video clip URL Interview with a doctor on the value of roller skiing. Like one would imagine, it provides great training for skiers because it uses all the same muscles.

07:27Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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