[Tokyo Re-Selects]

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00:00 Black

00:55 Elderly man flying on an outdoor trapeze to Russian-sounding classical music

1:35 Richard Tyson, world trampoline champion in 1974 and 1976. Ninety-seven year-old man jumps on trampoline, flies on trapeze, uses uneven bars.

2:55 Young adults in rollerblades try to surf down rails.

3:25 Skip Blumberg interviews delivery man in New York City. Man catches polka-dotted dresses. Answers questions about the year’s fashions.

3:55 Horse diving. Horses climb by slide-steps at outdoor fair, jump down into pool of water, and climb out.

4:40 Bill Clinton gets ready to go on the air. His aides change his tie. Hustle and bustle in the background. As he changes ties, Clinton gets frustrated.

6:25 Man in Yankees baseball uniform at packed stadium. Drops and picks up and drops bats, throws dirt all over himself, runs to the base.

7:15 Horse sneezes.

7:22 Dogs run, jump, and dive, chasing Frisbees in an open field with help from their masters.

8:32 Hip-hop and break-dancing in the street (Troupe name: House o’matic).

12:32 Elephants in an outdoor stadium, stepping over humans who are lying down. Tug-of-war between elephant and a large group of people. Elephant wins, and then goes down on its knees in efforts to win again. Elephants, mounted by people, play soccer. Crowd is loud and entertained.

16:10 Clip from “Nicaraguan Baseball” by Joe Angio. At the Stanley Cayasso Baseball Tourney in Managua we meet Keith Wesley Downs, a bat boy who brings his team good luck by dancing around each base with a baby doll.

16:40 In bar, man in St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt rubs patrons, drinks beer during headstand.

17:47 Pigs with numbers on their backs run an obstacle course race, egged on by crowd.

18:05 Men fry fish in the street, throwing it back and forth to one another.

18:20 Horses are nudged to have sex. It takes 19 seconds; Joe Cummings talks about how horses have it right.

19:00 Hudson Marquez feeds Camel cigarettes to a camel, and then calls it a cannibal.

19:35 Patrick Creadon bungee jumps with a video camera in hand.

20:22 Music video for Phoebe Legere’s “Marilyn Monroe”. B & W footage of Marilyn Monroe and other sexualized blond women. Eighties rock song about Marilyn Monroe. Footage of band and of Marilyn Monroe.

24:20 People pop balloons in front of the camera. Man outfits kids in gold foil, with trash can tops, kick cans as they march. More traditional marching bands in a parade. Field School Minneapolis. Calls himself an artist.

27:08 Man slides back and forth on roller skates across the rink, near and far. Jump cuts.

28:14 “Travelon Gamelon” by Richard Lerman. Man who teaches in an art school plays the wheels of a bicycle. Looks at diagrams of bikes as musical notation. Demonstrates different parts, and how each bicycle sounds differently. Megaphones are hooked to each bike, to magnify sound. Many people, in yellow shirts, bike around the city on these extra-noisy bikes.

33:00 Black bear cubs plays near woman at the edge of a stream. Canadian geese and their young make some noise. Bear tries to climb tree, bounds through grass. Black Labrador in nearby yard barks from behind his fence. The cub runs and jumps into tree, only to slide down. Cub approaches Lab, gets up on two feet, both run away. One cub attacks cameraman’s leg.

38:45 Small black dog and larger shaggy white dog compete in an Ugly Dog Contest in Petaluma, CA. Owners parade the dogs around a ring. “If they’ve been ugly their whole life, they’ve been losers…we’re giving them a chance to be a winner”. Dogs behave and misbehave. Winners are announced.

42:35 Skip Blumberg reports on culture from Seoul, North Korea. Men trying to knock each other off giant straw structures. Women playing seesaw; traditionally, Korean women were not allowed out of their backyards during the day, and this was their entertainment. Avant-garde performance art piece about tearing down structure. East Gate Market, where fish, turtles, sandals, ginseng, etc. are sold. Korean man in Groucho glasses/mustache attracts customers to buy his wares. Farmers dance, performed by costumed persons in small outdoor arena. Outer space.

46:20 Political speaker asks outdoor crowd whether different religious groups will love one another. “We don’t need just teaching, we need apostolic teaching”

46:50 Black



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