Tom Joyner at Edna’s #2

Live radio broadcast of the new Tom Joyner Show on V-103. They are broadcasting from Edna's, legendary soul food restaurant in the Garfield Park neighborhood on the West Side of Chicago. Special guests on the show include Ramsey Lewis, George Wallace, and Herb Kent. Much of the tape is footage of the crowd at the restaurant before and after the broadcast, including two interviews with Herb Kent, "the Kool Gent."

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on a live broadcast of the Tom Joyner Morning Show from Edna’s, a soul food restaurant on the west side of Chicago. Tom Joyner interacts with the crowd and there are shots of the restaurant and the customers.

10:02Copy video clip URL Tom Joyner interviews Ramsey Lewis. Tom Weinberg, one of the producers of Radio Faces, interviews several people who work for the show and talks about their role and the show in general.

34:45Copy video clip URL Herb Kent sits down in a booth for an interview with Radio Faces, and outlines his history in radio dating back to the ’40s and his career at WBEZ. He then talks about Tom Joyner, WVON, and Pervis Spann. He also mentions growing up in Hyde Park and attending Northwestern University. The interview is briefly interrupted when the crowd begins cheering for Ramsey Lewis. Kent talks about his heroes in radio and his first job at WMAQ working under Hugh Downs.

44:41Copy video clip URL Kent is interrupted because he needs to get ready for air. After that, general mingling footage until the broadcast begins. Kent is seated next to comedian George Wallace.

55:54Copy video clip URL On air, Joyner interviews Herb Kent, who was recently inducted (by Joyner) into the National Radio Hall of Fame–one of two living black people honored by the Hall. Joyner and others tell stories about Kent.

1:00:48Copy video clip URL Joyner is off the air, and Kent leaves the broadcast area. Interviews with people in the restaurant.

1:04:51Copy video clip URL Shot of the v103 Breakfast Special: ham & 2 eggs, rice or grits, toast or biscuits, $3.00, no substitutes.

1:05:57Copy video clip URL Cut to Cook County Board of Commissioner Bobbie Steele, who was then running for Congress.

1:07:29Copy video clip URL Alice McCommon, older sister of Edna Stewart, and Alderman Dorothy Tillman discuss the importance of Edna’s to the civil rights movement, including proving refuge for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his entire staff during the open housing campaign.

1:14:04Copy video clip URL General mingling.

1:17:27Copy video clip URL Woman references Rodney King beating, then more general footage.

1:20:27Copy video clip URL The interview with Herb Kent resumes, and he finishes the discussion of his heroes in radio. Talks about Willie Dixon, and the role of WVON in the community.

1:25:07Copy video clip URL Cut to exterior b-roll shots of the restaurant signage and customers entering and exiting, including Herb Kent.

1:28:05Copy video clip URL Cut back to interior, camera follows Tom Joyner mingling with the crowd.

1:36:56Copy video clip URL Camera moves outside to catch Joyner’s exit.

1:39:09Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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