[Tom Joyner at Regal #1]

This is a live radio broadcast of the Tom Joyner Morning Show from the New Regal Theater in South Shore, Chicago.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on man speaking into a microphone to test it. Camera pans out to the empty crowd. There is a sign behind the speakers saying “The Tom Joyner Morning Show.” The testing continues for some time.

9:30Copy video clip URL Cut to what seems like the actual show as there seems to be cheering from the crowd area although the crowd is not in the shot. We eventually see the audience and the show commences in earnest. This is a live radio broadcast at the New Regal Theater in Chicago.

31:09Copy video clip URL Cut to exterior shot where a man is being interviewed by the videographer while it snows. They are outside the Regal in Chicago. The videographer interviews a few other people on their tastes in radio.

45:52Copy video clip URL Return to interior shot of a concert of some sort.

57:04Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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