Tom Joyner at Regal #2

Video of a live radio broadcast of the Tom Joyner Morning Show for V-103. The broadcast happens in the Regal Theater in Chicago.

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0:00Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg, a producer of Radio Faces, talks with part of the Tom Joyner Morning radio show team. They talk about many different topics especially with regards to the show and how it is acclimatizing to the Chicago radio climate. They also talks about the nation-wide and yet local feeling of the Joyner show. Other topics covered are the malleability of the show and how it adapts to what its viewers want to talk about.

16:45Copy video clip URL Inside the Regal Theater a concert is in progress which Joyner is MC’ing. Weinberg interviews some of the men from the audience.

33:21 The videographer, Nathan, interviews several fans of Joyner. Footage of two people in animal costumes. Several people insist that he is the best radio personality in Chicago.

51:05Copy video clip URL Cut to exterior shot of the Regal Theater where a man involved with the show gives a brief interview to the camera.

53:11Copy video clip URL Cut to interior shot where the show is about to continue.

59:21Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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