[Tom Weinberg compilation tape reel #1]

A collection of shows and videos providing insight and interviews with every day people as well as more well-known characters such as Studs Terkel, Walter Cronkite, and Bill Veeck. Also includes interviews centered around Elvis Presley's funeral.

0:04Copy video clip URL “Top Value Television” logo. Voice-over of a count down

0:15Copy video clip URL A voice-over sings a song about Miami. The title “Miami Beach – July 7-14, 1972” shows over footage of palm trees and buildings. The next title reads “Video Scrapbook”.

0:40Copy video clip URL Footage of “The World’s Largest TV Studio”. Brief cuts to interviews where people talk about news reporting.

1:26Copy video clip URL Roberta K. Johnson, delegate from Florida for Wallace, speaks to the camera.

1:39Copy video clip URL Extremely long cut to black

3:53Copy video clip URL “Top Value Television” logo reappears, followed by Republican youth singing “We need Nixon Now”

4:20 Title reads “Four More Years: Thirtieth Republican National Convention”- Republican National Convention 1972.

4:46 Footage of crowds outside, some cheering for and some protesting Nixon.

5:40Copy video clip URL Skip Blumberg plays the “Republican Convention Drag” on his harmonica.

6:20Copy video clip URL Ronald Regan speaks to Nixon supporters. He mentions disapproval of the CBS newsmen who did not stand for the national anthem at the convention.

7:38Copy video clip URL Walter Cronkite explains why journalists might not stand for the anthem at times and explains how he reacts to public opinion on his reporting.

9:59Copy video clip URL Logo reads “Vietnam Veterans against the war”. A man talks about his military experience. Cuts to footage of strikers on parade and the observers, as well as short interviews with some of the attendees.

13:27Copy video clip URL Scrolling text intro to “It’s a Living.”

14:02 Chicago “L” line. Alfred Pommier talks about his job as a parking lot attendant. “This is the greatest parking lot in town.” Patrons talk about how wonderful Pommier is.

17:19Copy video clip URL Studs Terkel talks about the medium of radio and the saying “take it easy, but take it”

18:49Copy video clip URL Cut to a receptionist for WFMT Chicago, Marcia Stocking, at her work. She is offended that people assume receptionists are dumb.

20:05Copy video clip URL Studs Terkel in the Billy Goat Tavern. He hedges about whether or not he has a secret.

21:53Copy video clip URL Reporter Joe Cummings is conducting an interview with a fireman. Cut to interview with Cummings himself; he talks about the previous jobs he has held.

21:51Copy video clip URL Title card reads: “The Overnight Man”. Cummings interviews Chicago resident about a fire at a nearby building.

22:26Copy video clip URL Cummings shows off the equipment in the news vehicle. He then goes for a drive and talks about how news never sleeps

25:24Copy video clip URL Cummings reads a news report on the radio at WBBM.

26:50Copy video clip URL John Domagala describes the 25th Ward of Chicago and talks about the history of Alderman Vito Marzullo.

27:49Copy video clip URL Title card reads: “Vito Marzullo”

27:51 Marzullo talks about his job.

28:12Copy video clip URL Opening of political meeting – role call. Marzullo does voice over about the two types of people – honest and money seeking.

29:31Copy video clip URL Bill Veeck is telling the story about how the elephant got its trunk.

30:12Copy video clip URL Footage of Bill Veeck with a voice-over describing Veeck’s life and career. “This program is about a complex man who never quits”

31:33Copy video clip URL Title card reads: “Bill Veeck: A Man for Any Season”

31:52Copy video clip URL Veeck talks about how the most beautiful thing he has ever seen is a ballpark packed with people.

32:45Copy video clip URL Title reads “Opening day 1985, Wrigley Field”. Footage of crowds outside greeting Veeck.

34:16Copy video clip URL Veeck at home. He talks about his wife and family and their lifestyle, then about the problem Americans have of correlating cost with value.

36:15Copy video clip URL Cut to Veeck at a dark baseball field talking about how time is relative to different people.

39:12Copy video clip URL Bob from Image Union walks around Chicago. Intro to Image Union and the upcoming program.

40:02Copy video clip URL A woman speaks about where she was and what she did when she found out that Elvis had died.

40:56Copy video clip URL Title card reads: “Rock and Roll Disciples”.

41:02 Footage of Elvis’s funeral with music playing underneath. Everyone is sobbing.

42:13Copy video clip URL Two women talk about how when they bring men home they surprise them with Elvis recordings and throw them out if they don’t like it.

42:50Copy video clip URL Woman talks about how her obsession with Elvis might seem insane, but she doesn’t care.

43:16Copy video clip URL Elvis impersonator talks about his most touching moment while performing, when he saw a handicapped boy made so happy by his performance.

43:59 Woman talks about how she doesn’t know why she didn’t kill herself after Elvis died.

44:41Copy video clip URL End credits of Image Union – Media Burn footage by Ant Farm.

45:38Copy video clip URL End




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