[Tom Weinberg compilation tape reel #2]

Excerpts from The 90's. Pieces of episodes touching on issues of race, gun control, hemp, and elections through interviews and short clips.

0:00Copy video clip URL Black.

0:11Copy video clip URL Chicago, 1991. Young white male in heavy metal leather jacket explains distinction between black people and “niggers.” His young friend says he doesn’t like black people.

1:10Copy video clip URL The 90’s Intro: Race Episode.

1:55Copy video clip URL “Drive Through Watts” Jim Mulryan. In a pickup truck driving through the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, James Woods, an African American man, and Matthew Lang, a white man, discuss racism in America. According to Woods, “Racism in America is like a disease, like alcoholism.” He lists the stages of dealing with alcoholism, emphasizing the prevalence of denial, in order to imply that most Americans are racist yet do not realize it. He discusses the difficulties faced by young African-American men who are looking for jobs, insisting that a white man with the same qualifications will always be chosen over the black man. Lang does not believe that racism is as extreme a problem as Woods claims, instead attributing the rampant unemployment of African-American males to other issues, such as poor education.

4:15Copy video clip URL Man talks about owning firearms. “What would you do if someone took away your firearms?” “Probably kill them.”

4:35Copy video clip URL The 90’s Intro: Guns In America Episode.

5:18Copy video clip URL Ray Anthony Oropeza and friend talk in LA about buildup of firearms in the US due to poverty.

6:15Copy video clip URL Erika Becker talks to her father about her “Several Policy” [Cerebral Palsy] and her recent operation. She explains what the disease does and how it made her feel. “What’s the worst part of having a handicap?” “I think being made fun of. That really hurts.” “Inside, even grownups treat me differently…but that’s because I’m different.” By Eddie Becker.

12:03Copy video clip URL Johnny Marijuanaseed plants hemp along a highway and talks about advantages of hemp as a crop.

12:35Copy video clip URL The 90’s Intro: Hemp Episode.

13:00Copy video clip URL Narrator talks about hemp’s value as a product.

13:15Copy video clip URL Nancy Cain interviews Johnny Marijuanaseed who shows several hemp products, including paper. Says hemp would have ruined the paper/logging industry and that’s why it was made illegal. Discusses William Randolph Hearst bringing anti-marijuana press into papers to protect his business interests.

16:08Copy video clip URL Wavy Gravy says marijuana should be legalized because it’s not at all like hard drugs. Says business interests keep marijuana illegal, then talks about his favorite TV shows: “The Simpsons,” “Night Music,” and “The 90’s”: “the 60’s standing on your head.”

17:54Copy video clip URL David Wilhelm, Clinton’s campaign manager, talks about Clinton’s plans to win presidency.

18:10Copy video clip URL The 90’s Election Special: The Primary Intro.

19:08Copy video clip URL Super Tuesday: March 10, 1992, the Hilton Hotel in Chicago. Tom Hart, advance man for a Clinton rally, plans music and logistics of event. Hart argues with the press about where they’ll stand during the event.

22:00Copy video clip URL Bill Clinton enters the event while leading in the polls. Hart yells at press people for getting cameras in the shot. Hillary Clinton welcomes the audience.

23:04Copy video clip URL Jerry Brown campaign workers field calls for a live taping. Brown answers questions of callers.

24:44Copy video clip URL Crowd of supporters greet Carol Mosley Braun at a rally. Braun speaks to supporters.

26:00Copy video clip URL Ross Perot, George H.W. Bush, Clinton at debates.

26:20Copy video clip URL The 90’s: It’s Debate-able intro.

27:25Copy video clip URL Two days before the first presidential debate. Kansas City, MO: Three Days of Clinton Debate Prep. George Stephanopoulos talks about debate preparations in Kansas City. Another staffer talks about the mock- debate setup.

29:30Copy video clip URL Michael Sheehan and another speechwriter work up lines for the upcoming speech.

30:15Copy video clip URL James Carville talks about his hopes for the debates.

30:45Copy video clip URL Susan Zirinsky from CBS news talks about the importance of the debate, mainly because of the presence of the third candidate. She calls her work “seductive,” saying that she’s had a great run in the news business.

32:30Copy video clip URL Watch IT! clips featuring Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Bush, etc. in politically awkward moments.

35:20Copy video clip URL Noelle, host of Watch IT! Introduces the show and Bill Clinton clips, and introduces Joel Cohen describing the show.

36:15Copy video clip URL “Beginning of the Trail.” January 7, 1992, Bill Clinton schmoozes, plays pool, bowls, etc.

37:45Copy video clip URL Clintons meet a young girl named Destiny. “Destiny! Boy, are we glad to meet you!” Immediately after the Clintons walk away, reporters swoop in on the girl.

38:35Copy video clip URL Hillary Clinton talks about the “confused” role of press. Some reporters direct Clinton around to get better photographs.

39:25Copy video clip URL Noelle and Cohen introduce next clip.

39:40Copy video clip URL David Wilhelm, Clinton campaign manager, talks jokingly 6 weeks later about their ruthless plans to win presidency.

40:06Copy video clip URL END OF TAPE.


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