[Tom Weinberg retrospective from museum #1]

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

Clips for a Tom Weinberg retrospective. The list follows.


2:27 1981 Wired In opening with Bill Murray.

2:42 1978 Image Union opening with Bob.

3:19 1985 Time Out opening.

3:48 1986 Once A Star opening with Jack Brickhouse.

4:33 1989 The 90’s opening.

5:10 1994 Chicago Slices opening with Studs Terkel.

6:00 1995 Radio Faces opening.

6:41 1996 Week end TV opening with Bill Clinton bowling.

Black and White.

8:01 1973 Adland opening. George Lois, chairman, Lois, Holland, Callaway, New York, explains the power that comes from commercial production – “Poom! It’s like poison gas…Poom! That’s sensational. Oh yeah, that’s great.”

8:50 1975 From Comiskey Park, Tom Weinberg introduces Media Burn. This clip is most likely actually from 1977.

9:23 (1975) Media Burn.

10:40 1975 It’s a Living with Studs Terkel “I admire artists” clip.

11:37 1972 Four More Years opening cutting between Nixon protesters and supporters.

12:42 1977 Who’s The Champ?

Video Oldies.

15:43 1972 Leo A. Goldstein. “In 1939, I had $419 dollars in the bank. I withdrew $400, and I became a partner in a business.”

16:04 1978 Inside Spring Training with Tom Weinberg interviewing Minnie Minoso.

17:00 1974 Lord of the Universe with the Guru Maharaj Ji and Abbie Hoffman.

17:29 1976 Lanesville TV with Tom Weinberg and Nancy Cain.

Image Union.

19:10 1983 Tom Weinberg on-camera Death in the West intro.

19:50 Death in the West by Thames Television.

20:08 1985 Pretty Face (commercial) by Wester n Australia Dept of Health.

20:37 1985 Muddy Waters by Eric Kramer.

21:52 1979 Helen Lishman for Mayor political ad spoof.

22:19 1979 “Chairs” by Nick Despota, John Mabey, and Bob Synder.

22:42 1982 Interior Design by Jane Aaron.

23:18 1971 The Murder of Fred Hampton by the Film Group.

24:00 19 83 I Remember Riverview.

24:25 “Dog License” by Paul Jessel and Bill Langdon. Animated. One dog eats another dog. Another dog eats that one, etc.

24:39 Image Union closing with Bob.


25:03 1985 Veeck: A Man For Any Season.


29:55 1977 The Overnight Man.

35:55 1978 Vito Marzullo.

36:10 1980 Rostenkowski.

37:52 1999 The Other M.J.


41:31 1982 This is a Test opening.

42:07 1983 The Chicago Channel opening.

43:03 1997 Channel 500 promo.

TNT Shows.

45:05 1985 Once A Star with Sweetwater Clifton and Mark Fidrych.

46:56 1984 Punchline.

47:58 1986 Bozo 25th Anniversary Special opening.


50:09 1972 World’s Largest TV Studio opening.

50:59 1976 Five Day Bicycle Race opening.

52:11 1986 Daley special.

54:50 1988 Harold Washington by Diane Abt. The date is most likely 1984.

54:44 1992 The 90’s Election Special: The Primary with Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Hugh Rodham, Roger Clinton, Virgina Kelly.

1:00:25 1997 None of the Above with John Callaway.



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