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This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

Excerpts from three of Tom Weinberg 's productions - "My Hero", "Weekend Yummy", "It's A Living".

0:00 Black

0:50 My Hero intro. Children answer the question, who’s your hero?

1:30 Charlie McMann, a kid, asks lifeguards in Laguna Beach, CA about why they like saving people. Kids on the beach try to define “hero.” Lifeguards estimate how many people they saved. Lifeguards saving when waters are treacherous are likened to firemen entering burning buildings.

3:15 Firefighters

3:30 People talk about what heroes are, and who their heroes are. Who are the heroes heroes?

5:20 Child says Michael Crichton is hero, but doesn’t know his heros. Michael Crichton notes his hero, who speaks up for the environment.

6:15 Black

6:22 107th and Westwood. Roseland. Robert Sandifer murder case. Two kids were shot, one boy and one girl, and family and neighbors react. The girl’s aunt recalls the events between the shot and when the police came and couldn’t save her. Another woman remembers her nephew who was shot, a short and smart kid. The boy’s grandmother wails and cries. The funeral.

13:32 Black

14:25 Clips from “It’s A Living”. Studs Terkel theorizes about what “celebrity” is and the impact of fame and television on regular people.

15:15 Onscreen text explains the mission of the tape: real people in real situations make good television and portable video technology is a viable tool for this. Titles. Secretary (Marcia Stocking) answers phones, types. She talks about her job and how the public percept ion of receptionists affects her. She says that receptionists on TV are represented as dumb, witless, and stupid.

18:35 Terkel preparing to leave for Boston. He talks about a scientist whose funding was cut amidst great increases in military spending. Credits.

20:00 Black



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