[Tony Kubek interviews Bill Veeck raw #2]

This tape features continued footage of an interview between Bill Veeck and sportscaster Tony Kubek for NBC, from the perspective of the crew for "A View From The Bleachers." The two men continue to talk with one another about the the current financial struggles in baseball.

00:00Copy video clip URL Open on a shot of Kubek and Veeck outside near a pool as they begin the interview from where they left off. Kubek asks Veeck about the current salary structure in MLB and the problems that it has caused. Veeck begins by talking about the Chicago White Sox payrolls in the past few years. Veeck states that in order to have a successful year, a team will have to draw two million people, which is rather difficult. Veeck goes on to talk about the high cost of mediocre players in the game. While answering the question, the camera operator gathers footage of the NBC crew at work. Kubek continues to talk about the current state of baseball ownership. At one point, they stop shooting to take something off of Veeck’s shirt.

04:36Copy video clip URL Kubek names a few names for Veeck and asks him to comment on them. Veeck calls Eddie Gaedel a “sad little man.” Standing at 3 foot 7 inches tall, Gaedel had participated in a publicity stunt during a St. Louis Browns game, a team Veeck had owned at the time. Gaedel took home plate as a pinch hitter and was walked by the opposing team. Gaedel had had trouble with alcoholism and died at the age of 36. Veeck talks about the publicity stunt and that it was meant to “illustrate sometimes that we take ourselves a little to seriously in baseball.” Veeck also talks about Satchel Page and refers to him as the “most interesting, most unusual ball player to walk onto a baseball diamond.” As Veeck speaks about Page, the camera operator gathers footage from around the poolside.

08:16Copy video clip URL Veeck talks about Minnie Minoso and refers to him as a “great competitor.” Veeck emphasizes Minoso’s love and joy for the game. “I just feel better every time I see him.” Veeck also talks about Hall of Famer Casey Stengel.

10:26Copy video clip URL When asked who he thinks is the greatest baseball player he’s ever seen, Veeck is momentarily taken aback by the question and expresses the difficulty in adorning someone with that title. Veeck names Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio as two of the greatest. Kubek also asks Veeck whether he approves of the designated hitter position. Veeck states that he approves of the DH and gives his reasons why. Veeck also talks about salary arbitration and his place in baseball history. Veeck states that his epitaph would read, “He helped a little man.”

14:17Copy video clip URL Kubek asks Veeck about the charm of baseball. Veeck responds, “It is the most delightful game conceived by human mind.” Veeck cites baseball as a very participatory game. “The fact of the matter is it is a game to be savored, not to be gulped. It’s a game that unrolls, a game of science, a game of often dance-like beauty, and parts are acrobatic and of great skill. And it’s the most difficult of all games to play.”

15:42Copy video clip URL The crew interrupts the interview to change tapes.

16:13Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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