[Tony Kubek interviews Bill Veeck raw #3]

This tape features continued footage of an interview between Bill Veeck and sportscaster Tony Kubek for NBC, from the perspective of the crew for "A View From The Bleachers."

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars with audio of Veeck speaking about the skill involved in playing baseball.

00:35Copy video clip URL Video comes in with footage of Veeck and Kubek sitting on patio chairs, with an NBC camera crew shooting the interview. Veeck continues to talk about the game of baseball and how it will continue to grow and thrive despite “what we fools have done to it.” He also notes that baseball is the “cheapest ticket in town.”

03:10Copy video clip URL Kubek asks if the fans have forgotten about the strike. Veeck responds that it’s more important for the fans to forgive. Because of their love of the game, the fans may have forgiven them for their stolen summer, but they do not forget.

05:50Copy video clip URL Kubek asks whether owners may be willing to get rid of commissioner Bowie Kuhn. Veeck comments on baseball owners, saying that they “rarely do anything intelligent,” noting that they often follow the commissioner, comparing them to “all the king’s men.” Kubek asks whether Veeck thinks he will be elected to the hall of fame. Veeck responds: “No, and I’m not too sure I want to be. There are some people in there that I didn’t like to associate with alive and I see no reason to be enshrined with them dead.”

07:15Copy video clip URL Veeck comments on Earl Weaver, of the Orioles, saying that he is as good a manager as anyone, noting that he’s very skillful, intelligent, thoughtful, and good at keeping the players happy. Camera pans over to staff who scribble on a note pad and plan the next shot.

08:25Copy video clip URL Interview pauses for a change of camera angle. Tape keeps rolling as the crew sets up and Kubek and Veeck stay seated in their chairs.

12:20Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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