[Transvestite BBQ III]

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

Raw footage. Not very worthwhile at all. Mainly just bad singing.

0:00 Black.

0:16 Rocket Boy puts hotdogs on grill. Men ask him about things that happen on his planet. Apparently people have no tongues on his planet. Woman comes over and announces that she worships this man in a religion similar to Hinduism. He then talks about cats on our planet versus his – the difference is that cats here can’t make pants? There is no divorce on his planet either.

3:55 A transvestite comes over. Rocket Boy drops one of the hotdogs.

5:36 People inside a record store. Hindi music plays. Cameraman repeatedly alters the white balance and cannot seem to focus.

7:28 Back outside with the weenies. Rocket Boy talks about how sucessful the day has been. He s ays only a few men have come by in dresses so far, but names a few people who will proably come by later. We see the sign for the Weenie roast – 50 cents, free to men in dresses or women in suits.

9:00 Back inside record store.

9:28 Street. Rocket Boy reports on sales. He has sold $7 or $8 so far.

11:22 Transvestite says Rocket Boy has a small penis. She is performing in the store. She goes outside with Rocket Boy and lights a firecracker. She sings. She goes off to change outfits.

0:24:45 We talk to man about the performance.

0:25:03 Transvestite comes out for a second set of songs.

0:44:52 Transvestite goes to change costume again and we go outside and set off some firecrackers.

0:45:33 Transvestite does another set, then an encore.

1:06:35 End of tape.



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