[Tribune newsroom reacts to Cubs purchase]

This tape features footage from inside of the Chicago Tribune newsroom shortly after the Tribune company bought the Chicago Cubs in 1981. A channel 7 reporter interviews various members of the Tribune newsroom about the effects of the events that have taken place. Steve Nidetz is interviewed.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with a black screen.

00:14Copy video clip URL Color bars. The audio from the footage can be heard.

00:32Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of the Tribune news room immediately after the announcement that the Chicago Tribune had bought the Chicago Cubs in June of 1981. The cameraman shoots various Tribune employees at work. One employee is adorned in a Cubs uniform and hat after hearing the news. Other Tribune employees are seen wearing Cubs gear as well. The cameraman eventually gets a shot of the headline from the Tribune that day: “Tribune Co. buying Cubs.” A channel seven reporter interviews a couple of employees about the news. One employee describes it as “a hectic time.” The cameraman gathers more footage from around the news room.

04:23Copy video clip URL The interviewer speaks with another Tribune employee about the news. The two talk about the possibility of Bill Veeck being involved in the situation. The employee says, “Oh I think it’s very foolish if they don’t bring Bill Veeck into it. He’s made for the north side. His daddy had that club and I think that Bill Veeck and Wrigley Field and the Cubs are just a beautiful marriage. It has to be.” The two also talk about the possible flack that may come from the Chicago Sun-Times.

06:07Copy video clip URL Cut to an interview with another Tribune employee who is a die-hard White Sox fan. He talks about the shock and excitement about the news of Tribune’s purchase of the Cubs.  He also states that when he first heard the news, he thought it was a joke.

08:29Copy video clip URL Cut to another interview with a Tribune employee. He expresses his shock at the Tribune’s purchase of Wrigley Field and talks about how hard the decision must have been for William Wrigley. The employee goes a little deeper into his theory as to why Wrigley sold the ball club and the positives and negatives that may come with it.

12:35Copy video clip URL Cut to an interview with a Tribune employee dressed in Cubs gear. The employee expresses his thoughts on the Tribune’s purchase of the Cubs and how it has affected the newsroom.

13:37Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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