[Tribute to Abbie Hoffman]

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0:00 Color bars.

0:07 Poster with Kiefer Sutherland and others.

0:34 George Carlin. Talks to Nancy Cain, in preparation for interview.

1:05 Carlin talks Abbie Hoffman’s greatest contribution. Carlin feels this was his use of humor, because he could get across important information to people who otherwise might not listen.

3:20 Carlin talks about when he first became aware of Hoffman. He was a comic on the folk circuit in the 1960s, and then got more famous and began appearing on television. He credits Abbie Hoffman and Bob Dylan with getting him back on the right track. He did not know Hoffman very well at all.

6:05 Carlin talks about our national disease and our problem of only addressing the symptoms.

8:05 Carlin attempts to answer the question: “What is going to happen in the 90s?” Carlin says he can’t make a definitive statement about the 90s. His only thought is that we are going to celebrate the new millennium a year early.

8:58 Carlin takes off his microphone and keeps on talking.

9:18 Jay Levin talks about Abbie Hoffman’s ideal America. Coughs. Asks if they can edit out his coughs.

10:30 Cut. Levin repeats speech from last shot. Stops in the middle and says he doesn’t like the way his speech is going.

11:46 Levin talks about Abbie Hoffman’s pseudonym Barry Freed.

13:30 Levin talks further about Hoffman’s Freed period. He says that this was before Hoffman was treated for Lithium, and he was very manic. He says that being with Hoffman was like taking care of a child. He talks about how frightening the manic episodes were for Hoffman. He says his depressive episodes were even worse.

21:02 Color bars.

21:13 Another Levin interview. He talks about homelessness and hunger, and American hypocrisy. He says there are two Americas, and Hoffman was the folk hero of the better America.

24:36 Levin attempts to answer the question: “What is going to happen in the 90s?” He says that the tensions around the world are getting greater, the rich are getting richer, poor getting poorer, but there is something of a spiritual revolution going on because of a certain acknowledgment of world unity. Levin says that more young people are starting to think and demand change, and that they are going to be an even greater political force than the people in the 60s.

28:25 People clapping and cheering. Camera pans to stage with Whoopi Goldberg. She is up on stage to honor Abbie Hoffman. She says we haven’t lost him because so many people were there to honor him. She says Hoffman gave people a sense of who they could be and let them feel they could be part of the revolution without having to hate or hurt people.

31:10 End of tape.



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