Tug Boat

A short film about a man who has been sailing his entire life and is now passing on his knowledge. Interview audio is played over shots of crew members performing tasks on a sailing boat, and brief scenes of the sailor instructing a crew member.

0:00Copy video clip URL Black, slate.

0:30Copy video clip URL Shot of a boat comes on screen with the title “Tugboat.”

0:53Copy video clip URL A man talks about his first job on a boat with his mate’s license.

1:40Copy video clip URL The crew docks the boat.

2:24Copy video clip URL “There’s no school for this type of work… My religion happens to be sailing.”

2:40Copy video clip URL Assorted shots of crew members performing tasks, the boat sailing, and bridges rising.

5:40Copy video clip URL “I want to see the sun go down, and, at the same time, the early part of the morning is a nice time for me… Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky in the morning sailor take warning.”

6:45Copy video clip URL Sailor instructs a crew member about signals and wind speeds.

7:11Copy video clip URL “That’s 90% of the battle: being confident.”

10:13Copy video clip URL “If I think the man is a sailor and is going to be one the rest of his life then I’ll take the time and the effort to teach him.”

10:30Copy video clip URL Credits roll over more shots of boat sailing.

11:54Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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