Turds In Hell, Part I

This tape features footage of a 1972 performance of "Turds In Hell" at the Kingston Mines Theater in Chicago. Produced by the Godzilla Rainbow Troupe.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with static.

00:29Copy video clip URL Cut to footage from backstage at the Kingston Mines Theater in Chicago. Actors apply their makeup before a performance. Cecil O’Neal is briefly seen wandering around backstage.

12:22Copy video clip URL The performance begins. Two lavishly dressed characters embrace each other as a man with a large fake penis masturbates on an item. One of the characters eventually leaves. The other two share words. The character with the fake genitalia eventually begins to fondle the other character. A few minutes later, the lavishly dressed character pulls out a toilet seat and begins to chant, smacking the toilet seat in the air.

17:50Copy video clip URL The man with the fake genitalia leaves the other character and refers to her as his mother. The scene ends.

18:23Copy video clip URL Cut to another scene. A fairy hangs from a ladder above the stage and slowly climbs down and begins to fondle the man. They participate in an odd sex scene. This lasts for several minutes.

21:09Copy video clip URL A man is seen pretending to play piano behind a curtain. He thrashes his body around with the music. This lasts for several minutes.Jesus Christ,

22:39Copy video clip URL A man wearing an abnormally large pair of pants with dollar signs on them addresses the audience. Other characters from the play make their way out onto the stage.

24:49Copy video clip URL The character seen pretending to play piano begins to talk about God and creationism.

27:35Copy video clip URL A group of characters sing and dance. A character dressed as Jesus Christ walks on stage with a cross. He participates in a sexual act with a few of the other characters. Other characters dive after money on the ground. Christ then scolds those who went after the money. He calls for the destruction of the temple. This lasts for the remainder of the tape.

33:15Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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