Turds In Hell, Part II

This tape features footage of a 1972 performance of "Turds In Hell" at the Kingston Mines Theater in Chicago. Produced by the Godzilla Rainbow Troupe. This is a continuation of the previous tape.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with static.

00:21Copy video clip URL The play resumes. The actors speak in a foreign language before a director is heard saying “cut.” A woman dressed as a nun then rolls around the stage on roller skates. A man dressed as Santa Claus makes advances on the woman. He eventually refers to her as a “filthy prostitute.” He then refers to himself as a “tri-sexual” and carries the woman off. Next, Christ talks about mysterious occurrences of the devil appearing in the shape of a woman. He states that no mortal man has ever suffered as he had. Christ dances with an angel and sings a biblical hymn. They play patty-cake while singing. The other angel later masturbates. This lasts for several minutes.

07:57Copy video clip URL A naked woman in a pig mask makes her way out onto the stage and prays in Pig Latin. The woman then dances with Santa Claus.

09:47Copy video clip URL The actors dance and sing, dressed in women’s clothing. This quickly cuts to a poorly lit scene involving man in a turtle costume fighting some type of fish.

11:21Copy video clip URL Two cannibals talk about a recipe for “human balls.” The female cannibal sings the recipe to the man, who dances. The man with the fake genitalia and his mother encounter the cannibals. They get the mother drunk and try to cook her. This last for several minutes.

25:39Copy video clip URL Static.

25:48Copy video clip URL Footage from the backstage area after the performance. The actors talk about the performance. One of the actors walks around in the nude. This lasts for the remainder of the tape.

33:41Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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