TVTV Goes To The Super Bowl

A behind-the-scenes documentary about the events and personalities surrounding Super Bowl X in Miami between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys. Features intimate portraits of the players and the CBS personnel who broadcast the events of Super Bowl week. Produced with multiple lightweight video cameras in TVTV style, it is both informative and revealing of the extremes surrounding football culture and hype. This video is for personal/educational use only. Learn more at TVTVNow: //

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0:00Copy video clip URL Black.

0:36Copy video clip URL Start of program. Miami, Florida, Jan 18, 1976. A Pittsburgh Steelers player talks about the problem with Super Bowl Sunday. “That’s what we need – some more churchgoin’. We’re gonna have a big revival, we’re gonna pull some of you outta that den of iniquity.” Intercut with shots of Super Bowl preparations.

2:00Copy video clip URL Jean Fugett of the Dallas Cowboys gives a tour through the Cowboys’ locker room.

4:50Copy video clip URL A man in a gorilla suit, the life of the party, spends some time on the beach rooting for Pittsburgh. People gather to support the Steelers.

6:55Copy video clip URL Bill Murray pulls out a Cowboys pennant.

7:10Copy video clip URL Ernie Holmes of the Steelers says, “I enjoy playing football because I enjoy kicking ass…I do not carry my job any further than the field.” He talks about growing up on a farm, feeding hogs, milking cows, chopping wood, walking to school, etc.

8:40Copy video clip URL Steeler Wives. The wives of the Steelers relax by the pool. They talk about the real excitement of the Super Bowl, and argue about having to live vicariously through their husbands.

11:02Copy video clip URL Sports Facts: “There are 1,100 players in the NFL; 55% of NFL players belong to the NFL Players’ Association.” Ed Garvey, head of the players association, is made fun of by a team owner. He uses a mechanical monkey to demonstrate Ed Garvey’s craziness.

12:47Copy video clip URL Super Bowl IX 1/2. The CBS Super Bowl Broadcast Team, including several former NFL players, play a game for fun in their street clothes. Bill Murray does color commentary while Christopher Guest briefly interviews some of them. Phyllis George of CBS Sports says the game is “good, clean all-American fun.” Bill Murray grills Phyllis George as Johnny Unitas runs a pass play. Murray asks her which football player she would marry, and George claims the question is sexist. Following this moment, George is playfully brought in the game while all of the men patronizingly let her by. Billy Murray celebrates Johnny Unitas, football hall-of-famer, as star of the game. Unitas refuses the playful offer of a car for a prize, claiming he only drives Pontiacs because he likes the Indian hood ornament.

18:24Copy video clip URL John Fitzgerald of the Cowboys talks about choosing to play football, and about an elbow injury he encountered. He says football is “hard work, you know, it’s physical labor.”

19:56Copy video clip URL A videotape shot by Pittsburgh Players “Midnight in Miami…or Three Nights Before the Game.” One player, Lynn Swann, sings “Moon River” for the camera. A girl comes into the room to meet Swann. Her name is Sandi and she collects autographs from the team. She reveals she wants Dallas to win because she doesn’t want anyone to break the Dolphins record of a 17-0 season then a Super Bowl win. She gets amazingly defensive about the Dolphins.

24:10Copy video clip URL Ralph Neely of the Dallas Cowboys talks about loving football. He says his nickname is Rotten, probably because he’s so mean to rookie players.

26:30Copy video clip URL Super Bowl Sunday. People head out to the game from Dallas.

29:00Copy video clip URL Lynn Swann shows us his injuries and scars.

31:35Copy video clip URL The marching band marches onfield as the pre-game starts. The players warm up on the field. A Cowboys player says, “this is going to be one of the most vicious games in recent NFL history.”

32:55Copy video clip URL The gorilla enjoys himself as the Cowboys warm up.

33:35Copy video clip URL Two CBS anchors say, “This is not just another football game.” The Cowboys take the field to loud audience boos. The team wives watch their husbands take the field, looking on in concern during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.

35:00Copy video clip URL Game play begins. The wives cheer for the Steelers while the players get into the game.

37:29Copy video clip URL Lynn Swann talks about getting concussions during the game, which are the injuries that make him most nervous. He talks about losing his memory after being hit in the head by Doug Atkins.

38:40Copy video clip URL Players try to cool off on the sidelines during the game. The wives yell in support of their husbands’ team. A Cowboys cheerleader talks about Dallas’ inevitable win. In the last minutes of the game, the Steelers have a clean lead and take the game.

40:29Copy video clip URL The Steelers wives gather outside waiting for their husbands. They have brought their marriage licenses so security will let them in to see their husbands.

43:55Copy video clip URL The Cowboys quietly leave the locker room to go home.

44:35Copy video clip URL Some men in a television studio give the real message of the Super Bowl: “Brought to you by Goodrich,” “The Super Bowl today was a presentation of CBS Sports.” Over end credits.

46:15Copy video clip URL End of tape.


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  1. Troy says:

    It’s interesting to get an inside scoop of football culture. Some don’t want to advertise what goes on in the background. Thank you for this post.

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