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0:00 Slate

0:23 A clip from Mondo Video’s “Transvestite BBQ III.” The owner of Mondo’s Videos talks about the untraditional nature of the store (“If you want Cheerleaders’ Wild Weekend or Blood Orgy of the She-Devils you come here.”),

and gives us a brief look around the place.

3:32 Color Bars and slate.

4;18 “The Surfriders.” A segment about people who are concerned about the preservation of the coastal zone. An environmental group called the Surfriders meet in opposition to the proposed building of a jetty where they surf and to discuss matters of coastal pollution.

8:31 Color Bars and slate.

9:19 “Mattress Jumpers.” Kids take turns doing flips and tricks on a bare mattress set out on the sidewalk. One cute kid relates the possibility of eventually being discovered by someone who will give him a job as a professional flipper or put him on television.

9:59 End of tape.



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