[Play Rehearsal]

Rehearsal for a play, performed outdoors.

00:14Copy video clip URL Camera set-up. 

00:57Copy video clip URL A family in a ramshackle house welcomes a stranger. They make small talk, the stranger is reluctant to share his name. 

04:00Copy video clip URL The stranger is persuaded to join them for a meal. 

05:15Copy video clip URL The girls are fighting outside. The family patriarch breaks it up. They sit down to eat. 

07:00Copy video clip URL One of the girls and the stranger make conversation. 

07:53Copy video clip URL A break in scenes. 

09:40Copy video clip URL Another scene, waking up in the morning. Discussions of marriage and education. 

13:35Copy video clip URL Scene set-up. The sound drops in and out as the rehearsal continues. 

17:00Copy video clip URL Jack, the stranger, returns for a romantic scene. Feedback on the performances from the director. The camera returns to director as the scene continues. 

28:01Copy video clip URL Preparations for another scene, taking place four years later. 

30:34Copy video clip URL Another scene. 



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