Up There, Down Here

A short documentary about a community of unhoused men that live together underneath a bridge.

00:14Copy video clip URL Low angle of graffiti on the crumbling walls of a bridge as a man in a suit and tie walks by up above. Below, a community of unhoused men gather, drinking port. 

01:01Copy video clip URL The men discuss the communal attitude amongst their community and the support that they offer each other, as opposed to the dismissive treatment from people “up there”: “Sometimes you get up there and think you got it made. You get just about everything you want. Then all of a sudden, down you go. You ain’t got nothin’. But at least in this kind of a life, well, you’ve got someone to help you if you need help.”

01:54Copy video clip URL One of the men discusses how he found this community through a friend who had panhandled with him. 

02:17Copy video clip URL Another man discusses his family history, coming from a family of 23. 

03:15Copy video clip URL Discussion of “the secret of panhandling” and panhandling stories. Passersby showing more empathy towards dogs than they do towards unhoused people.

05:50Copy video clip URL Panhandling as work. 

06:08Copy video clip URL The men help up one of their group as he walks off with his dog. 

07:15Copy video clip URL End. 



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