Uptown special projects scrapbook

This is a series of short video segments shot primarily in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago in 1974. They mostly concern problems faced by the residents of Uptown, including issues with the FLAT grant, the practice of redlining, and the lack of projects and programs which would make the community safer for the public.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black.

00:13Copy video clip URL Tape begins. A building owner is upset that the reporters are examining his apartment buildings, which are used for low-income housing. They ask the building owners about the recent work done on the apartment buildings.

02:55Copy video clip URL Over footage of local protests, the treasurer of the Uptown People’s Rights Organization talks about the FLAT grant, which stipulates that a “family of four has to live off of $288 a month,” and only allows $105 a month for rent. People from the organization try to speak to Mrs. Becker, the head of the welfare department, but she refused to speak to them about the FLAT grant until police intervened.

06:31Copy video clip URL A reporter speaks to a woman in Hyde Park about the “whistle stop” program, which has local people blow whistles when they see a crime or someone in danger so that someone can call the police. They ask a few people in Edgewater if they think the program would work in their neighborhood.

10:49Copy video clip URL A man talks about the problem of “redlining” in Uptown, which is the policy of financial institutions withholding mortgages and loans to certain communities. This causes local buildings to deteriorate since local banks do not provide the loans necessary for renovation or mortgages necessary for buyers, instead choosing to invest their money elsewhere. He says that many people in Uptown are beginning to establish organizations which can hold money in the community and combat redlining.

13:54Copy video clip URL Over still shots of scenes from Uptown, adults and children in the community discuss the need for playgrounds in the community.

16:19Copy video clip URL This segment shows a snippet from a meeting on the subject of economic development programs for Uptown.

18:05Copy video clip URL Pieces of footage from Uptown.

18:54Copy video clip URL A woman in interviewed while standing in a large pothole. Another man talks about the sewage department’s slow response to the problem.

21:50Copy video clip URL A newsreel talks about the Chicago Crime Commission’s new figures showing that offenders went to jail for only 2% of committed crimes. They show an interview with Lee Schooler of the Chicago Crime Commission, who says that the blame does not rest on a single person or section of government, which is why it is such a serious problem.

23:05Copy video clip URL This segment shows a meeting with Organization of the Northeast (O.N.E.) staff and delegates of other organizations. The organizers had declined to allow observers, but one man stubbornly refused to leave.

28:06Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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