Various Baseball Player Footage

This is a highlight reel produced by Major League Baseball Productions featuring footage of baseball greats Babe Ruth, Hack Wilson, George Foster, Pete Rose, Reggie Jackson, Catfish Hunter, Mark Fidrych, Satchel Paige, Bob Feller, Joe DiMaggio, Casey Stengel.

00:00Copy video clip URL Tone and countdown

00:15Copy video clip URL Opening shot of Yankee Stadium “The House that Ruth Built.”  This is followed by footage of the 1927 season, when Ruth hit his 60th home run for the season to beat his own Major League Record.

02:52Copy video clip URL Ruth is shown in the new medium of “talking” video as he “sings” at the microphone, shouting like an umpire.  This is followed by footage of Ruth visiting children in the hospital, playing Santa Claus, laughing and having fun with the children.

04:17Copy video clip URL Ruth’s personal life is highlighted, as well, with footage of Ruth with his second wife, Clara Hodgson.

04:55Copy video clip URL Ruth’s work with his personal trainer is shown.  Ruth’s gregarious and playful nature is shown as he and his trainer joke with each other and poke at each other in a Three Stooges style

06:45Copy video clip URL Hack Wilson, Rogers Hornsby,

07:20Copy video clip URL More footage of Babe Ruth in the 1932 World Series, noting that he was “a legend around the world and the best drawing card not only in baseball but in all of sports.”

08:45Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of George Foster of the Cincinnati Reds in the All Star game, and various other clips of Foster in the late 70s.

12:32Copy video clip URL Pete Rose Rookie of the year in 1963.  Highlights include his batting titles in 1968 and 1969, his World Series crowns in 1975 and 1976, his 3,000th hit, his streak of 44 straight games with a hit, and his overall attitude and outstanding play as “Charlie Hustle.”

14:28Copy video clip URL Reggie Jackson footage, beginning with Yankee fans chanting “Reg-gie” as Jackson hits a homer.

15:05Copy video clip URL Jim “Catfish” Hunter is highlighted next, with accolades such as his perfect game in 1964, 5 straight 20 win seasons, a Cy Young Award, and leading the A’s to 3 straight World Championships. After his trade to the Yankees, Hunter developed arm trouble and retired from baseball at the age of 33.

17:00Copy video clip URL Mark “The Bird” Fidrych, just 21 years old, pitching in the All Star game during his rookie season, faces Pete Rose, who gets a base hit.  Footage of the game continues.  Fidrych speaks to the press after the game, appearing stunned that he’s suddenly become the best pitcher in major league baseball.  He’s also shown with President Ford, followed by more footage of the All Star game.

22:30Copy video clip URL A brief couple clips of Satchel Page in an All Star Game, then at a Negro League reunion dinner, signing autographs.

23:20Copy video clip URL Bob Feller is highlighted next, as his pitch is compared to a speeding motorcycle at 90 miles per hour.

24:00Copy video clip URL Joe Dimaggio’s career is featured, highlighting his leadership to 4 Yankee championships in his first years with the club.  Some footage of his rookie season in 1936 is shown, along with his streak of 56 straight games with a hit.  Several other clips of Dimaggio coming through in the clutch are shown.

28:00Copy video clip URL Casey Stengel’s career as a manager for the Yankees and the Mets is highlighted.  He is interviewed on the field, demonstrating his colorful, vivacious character, even at an old age.  This is followed by footage of Stengel posing for cameras as he walks off the field for the last time, followed by Stengel receiving an award from New York City Mayor Wagner.



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