[Various Marin Segments (WSM-TV)]

Report by Carol Marin followed by a press conference segment with the President

0:27Copy video clip URL Tom Anderson interviewed.

2:35Copy video clip URL Press conferences scripted, as a result they are not seen as news by some. 

5:11Copy video clip URL Carol Marin reflects on a now run down community. Virginia Foster interviewed. Discusses reasons for the community being run down. Lack of maintenance by landlords.

7:05Copy video clip URL Bootleggers in Knoxville. Wells interviewed. Stopped bootlegging after getting involved with the church.

14:10Copy video clip URL Bradford Bishop’s car shown. Abandoned March 2, 1976. Special agent reviews the case and evidence.

15:33Copy video clip URL FBI agent Harold Swanson interviewed.

16:05Copy video clip URL President addresses the people, then answers reporters questions.

18:23Copy video clip URL Aldo Beckman, Chicago Tribune, asks a question about finances.

19:33Copy video clip URL Reporter asks the President about members of congress who revealed classified information.

20:40Copy video clip URL Forrest Boyd, Mutual Broadcasting System, asks the President if he is concerned about the future of sharing classified information to capital hill.

23:01Copy video clip URL Discussion of assassination, the President does not condone assassination.

23:47Copy video clip URL Esther Van Wagoner Tufty, Tufty News Service, asks the President about unemployment in Michigan.

30:50Copy video clip URL Bob Schieffer, CBS News, asks about philosophical differences.

32:08Copy video clip URL Frances Lewine, Associated Press. 

35:30Copy video clip URL Barry Serafin, CBS News, summarizes the major points covered by the President.

37:38Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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