[Aristide visits Carver Community Club]

00:01Copy video clip URL Meeting of the Carver Community Club, a club founded to educate black and brown students about their heritage. Mabie Settlage, a science teacher at the school, speaks about unity and the presidency of Haiti. She introduces their guest speaker. Crowd cheers for Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his associates who enter. Aristide , while deposed, is visiting Los Angeles largely due to the support of community leader, Michael Zinzun. Another teacher woman speaks about the the history of the Haitian visitors and Haiti’s movement towards a democracy. Crowd disperses. Group of young people sing and dance for the crowd.

20:10Copy video clip URL Aristide speaks to the crowd. The crowd responds to him in unison several times. Low audio. Another man comes to the stage and speaks. Footage of a cameraman. Footage of the crowd of kids. Footage of painting on the wall.

30:35Copy video clip URL Footage repeats. Settlage introduces the group of men who enter. Teacher speaking from a different angle. Audio a bit clearer. Settlage introduces a group of students who do a chanting, singing, and dancing performance. Aristide returns to speak the crowd. Low audio. Settlage comes onstage and thanks the speakers for coming. Another teacher closes the event. The Haitian men leave. Kids chant again. Settlage returns to try and calm the students, and thanks them for their attention. 

54:02Copy video clip URL A school official comes up and speaks about how successful and powerful the event was. Another woman comes up and speaks in Spanish. A final woman dismisses the assembly. Footage of the kids leaving by class. Color bars. Cut to repeated footage of the Haitian representatives entering the school.

57:49Copy video clip URL Cut to black.

59:12Copy video clip URL Tape ends



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