[Virginia Citizens for Better Reclamation 4]

00:38Copy video clip URL Question from a citizen about redress when one’s land is damaged by mining operations. Discussion of regulations placed on mining companies and the prevention of active strip mining and “high walls.” 

04:37Copy video clip URL The elimination of rim cuts, high walls, and other situations that are an imminent hazard to life and health. 

09:11Copy video clip URL The effects of Pennsylvania laws in the 1960s limiting the environmental impact of mining. It is true that mining companies went out of business or consolidated, but that the number of people employed by the industry did not decrease. 

12:50Copy video clip URL A question about the legal standing for land, compared with that of a corporation. 

14:25Copy video clip URL A discussion of the regulations of surface effects on underground mining, as opposed to surface mining. 

16:00Copy video clip URL The effects of environmental laws on the legal status of land, and how the National Wildlife Federation protects the habitats of endangered animals. 

18:05Copy video clip URL The best ways to ensure that citizens’ rights are protected in court. The effectiveness of the organization supporting citizens directly pleading for their rights versus the organization representing citizens on their behalf. 

22:00Copy video clip URL Break for lunch. Conversation among the attendees. 

22:47Copy video clip URL Introduction for the afternoon session.

24:55Copy video clip URL Enforcement procedures: how the federal government will “clamp down” on violators. Discussion of the environmental devastation and health damages caused by surface mining that the new laws will regulate. Defining “imminent” environmental harm. 

31:19Copy video clip URL The nature and severity of penalties imposed on violators. 



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