[Veeck: A Man For Any Season raw #32]

Raw footage for the documentary "Veeck: A Man For Any Season." This tape features footage of Bill Veeck on the street and with Bill Gleason in a bar.

00:27Copy video clip URL Bill Veeck walks down the street, saying “hello” to people and cracking jokes.

01:46Copy video clip URL Veeck helps a lady out of a taxi cab and then gets inside, says good-bye, and drives off.

02:44Copy video clip URL Bars and tone.

03:12Copy video clip URL Bill Gleason at a bar. He smokes a cigar.

04:17Copy video clip URL “Conversation with Bill Veeck is a rare experience because you always go away from it with your head hurting… He makes you think.” Gleason talks about Bill Veeck’s intelligence and the wide variety of subjects about which he is knowledgeable. “The reason is, he can read so much and he can retain.”

06:09Copy video clip URL “There’s no subject in the world on which Bill Veeck doesn’t have an opinion.” Gleason talks about Veeck’s involvement in the world “today.” He is not stuck in the past. Gleason attributes this quality to the struggles he’s had, losing his leg and undergoing operations.

07:15Copy video clip URL Gleason talks about Veeck’s work for integration and his capacity for drinking beer.

08:44Copy video clip URL He talks about Veeck’s work with the attorneys for the owners of the Milwaukee Braves. “He knew more about this area of law than the lawyers did.”

09:24Copy video clip URL Barely audible conversation. Producer Tom Weinberg talks about Veeck’s willingness to talk to anyone and his unwillingness to put people down.

10:22Copy video clip URL Gleason says “He’s more interested in you. He wants to hear about you.”

10:52Copy video clip URL Weinberg asks about how Veeck’s life “has been lived out through the newspapers.” Gleason says, “I think Veeck enjoys newspaper people far more than he enjoys baseball people” because he is the son of a writer. Bill Veeck, Sr. was a baseball writer who used the byline Bill Bailey.

12:14Copy video clip URL “Veeck loves anyone who can accomplish.” Gleason talks about his and Veeck’s shared love of jazz. “The jazz musician is very much like the second baseman who ad libs a play.” Weinberg: “There’s a structure but it’s all very extemporaneous to the situation.

13:58Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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