[Veeck: A Man For Any Season raw #41]

Raw footage for Veeck: A Man for Any Season. This tape features Veeck at home talking about jazz and tells a story about playing rummy in the hospital.

00:08Copy video clip URL Open to stuffed cloth duck.

00:29Copy video clip URL Setting up for interview, Veeck ponderously rubbing head.

00:45Copy video clip URL Color bars.

1:40Copy video clip URL Veeck talks about jazz and his favorite record, Buddy Barrigan’s “Can’t Get Started.” He would take all of Louie Armstrong’s (Dipper Mouth Blues, Lazy River, Mac the Knife) records, too. Brief discussion about Armstrong and Ethel Waters’ popularity.

3:57Copy video clip URL Discusses Ethel Waters.

5:45Copy video clip URL Billie Holiday. Earl Hines.

6:40Copy video clip URL Veeck describes himself as a jazz aficionado and talks about the impact jazz had on American culture.

8:04Copy video clip URL Veeck’s father introduced his family early to theater and jazz. “Any jazz I enjoy. I collected for a long time. Now they’re dispersed all over…” Veeck describes also introducing his children to jazz and show tunes and watching them come back round to it after time.

11:14Copy video clip URL Interviewer asks for story of the person Veeck met in the hospital. “The world was passing me by and I was unable to raise enough money to buy the Yankees. I was feeling sorry for myself.”

13:20Copy video clip URL Veeck found himself a “token desegregator” in the ward making friends with black men. He talks about a card game he played with a man with hooks for hands. “If this man can pick up those cards with no arms, then why am I feeling sorry for myself?”

15:07Copy video clip URL “This fellow did so much for my well being and my future…and…y’know I don’t even know his name.” Veeck says that he owes it to that man to support his fellow amputees.

16:39Copy video clip URL Accounts story of playing tennis in Cleveland with one leg. He was amazed that the newspaper photographed the game and people were upset. “People will walk across the street.”

17:50Copy video clip URL “You have to make these kinds of things common place.” He begins to talk about ending the taboos around leprosy and cancer.

18:28Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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