[Veeck: A Man For Any Season raw #42]

Raw footage for the documentary Veeck: A Man For Any Season. This tape continues an interview with Bill Veeck at home. The tape begins in the middle of him discussing what it is like to be disfigured. He describes various public health perceptions about leprosy and cancer. Later, he talks about his "ongoing love affair" with the English language and quotes Rudyard Kipling's "The Wolf." The end of the tape is footage of glass mobiles hanging inside and in Veeck's backyard.

00:00Copy video clip URL Veeck talking about leprosy and the public health/quarantine procedures of the past: “Old wives tales are probably stronger than common sense.” He begins to discuss the psychological affect of disfigurements: “You can’t inoculate against disaster. And yet people do walk across the street to avoid seeing you in shorts ’cause you’ve got one leg.” Describes face re-shaping of WWI veterans, some without noses and ears. The reception was always bad.

3:50Copy video clip URL Interviewer Tom Weinberg asks Veeck to talk about how cancer was perceived. Veeck explains how for years it was taboo to talk about cancer. “There was something evil about having cancer.” Veeck discusses how exposure to cancer can be helpful, especially when survivors offer their support to people recently diagnosed.

7:30Copy video clip URL “Giving up and just hiding isn’t going to do a bit of good for anybody… We should give our bodies or our organs, anything that is usable, to anyone who can use it.”

8:30Copy video clip URL Veeck discusses shortage of bodies for autopsy and experimentation.

9:40Copy video clip URL People should perform as near-normally as they can when they are ill.

10:49Copy video clip URL At Los Alamos Day School Veeck had to memorize 1,000 lines of poetry. Says he prefers Pope, Dreyden now. For Veeck it has been “an ongoing love affair with the English language. The seeds of which were generated from my Daddy.”

12:40Copy video clip URL Quotes Kipling’s “The Wolf.”

13:40Copy video clip URL Interview ends.

14:00Copy video clip URL Cut to glass mobiles facing the backyard of an apartment building.

16:53Copy video clip URL Cut to mobiles from a different angle.

18:05Copy video clip URL Close shot looking through mobile.

18:33Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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