[Veeck: A Man For Any Season raw #45]

Raw footage for the documentary "Veeck: A Man for Any Season." This tape continues an interview with Veeck at his Hyde Park home. The subjects are day games, the particulars of Veeck's family life and his parenting, and where finds happiness (gardening, books, people).

00:00Copy video clip URL Opens in the middle of a conversation about baseball.

1:20Copy video clip URL Talking about the change/rediscovery of day baseball. Discussion turns toward marketing and promotion. “Enough people on the north side to fill Wrigley Field every day…baseball has done a bad job of publicizing itself. Rather, [baseball has done a poor job at] turning what publicity they have into attendance.” Veeck gives a rough estimation of the dismal promotional base of baseball: ” [Out of 2,500 fans] the average person who becomes a baseball fan goes maybe 7 or 8 times each year. Let’s say the other one’s go to 2 and more go to 1.”

4:00Copy video clip URL Veeck discusses advertising percentages and how to get non-baseball fans into the park.

5:40Copy video clip URL Interviewer asks whether when Veeck owned teams if he spent enough time with his kids. “Certainly didn’t spend enough time with my first three. They grew up semi-strangers…it was stupid on my part.” But with the other group, from 1961 to 1975, he saw them “all day every day.”Laments that he did not see enough of his oldest son before he [the oldest son] died.

8:40Copy video clip URL Veeck continues with a description of his family life.

11:00Copy video clip URL “You wouldn’t want them less involved, but you wouldn’t want them more involved.”

12:21Copy video clip URL Talks about how two of his children, Greg and Maria, hold the rest of the family together.

13:32Copy video clip URL Brings back topic of escape, gardening, and the day-to-day: “One is very lucky when all the things that they do kind of fit together, that they don’t take away from each other… Gardening adds to reading by providing a more enjoyable place to read…”

16:00Copy video clip URL “The one thing that I didn’t mention are people…People are a wonderful form of escape and enjoyment…They are invariably fun and interesting…”

18:39Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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