Veeck: A Man For Any Season raw #46

Raw footage for the documentary "Veeck: A Man For Any Season." This tape continues the interview with Bill Veeck at his home in Hyde Park. Money and business are discussed.

00:09Copy video clip URL Opens with a conversation about museums in Chicago and how many Chicagoans actually go to these museums.

00:50Copy video clip URL Interviewer Tom Weinberg introduces a discussion about money. Veeck claims that he, stupidly, has never been very interested in money: “It’s really difficult to think of anything that I have done just for money.”

2:36Copy video clip URL “I guess I didn’t really realize that ultimately our society would become so materialistic and money would become so important.” Veeck maintains that he has the least amount of money of people who are perceived to have a lot of money.

3:36Copy video clip URL “I never asked a partner for more money…it never occurred to me that it would be alright to go back and ask people for more money…this is an idea that is abhorrent to me; it would mean that I am incompetent.”

5:30Copy video clip URL “The worst thing that happened to anybody that invested with me was that he doubled his money.” Veeck never had a contract. Veeck’s business philosophy no longer exists. Weinberg: “That has much to do with corporate America…”

8:25Copy video clip URL Veeck talks about living comfortably, with modest wants, as opposed to living luxuriously: “Nothing is ever better just because it costs more…correlating cost with value and cost with return…they have no correlation.”

10:09Copy video clip URL “How much money can you pay a tulip to bloom, y’know? … A song to hum? I wonder what relationship money has to being happy…I think very little.”

12:38Copy video clip URL Veeck says that people born into a lot of money with no imagination will probably never have to face the realities of life.

14:00Copy video clip URL Veeck differentiates business problems/the inner working of businesses from personal finances. Discussion of business strategies.

17:43Copy video clip URL “It’s hard to think that a thing that is so used, a little thing like the name on the back of uniforms (now a standard thing in every sport), I suppose you should sit down and patent/copyright it; the only times I have tried, a couple, have been disastrous.”

18:33Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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