[Veeck: A Man For Any Season raw #47]

Raw footage for the documentary "Veeck: A Man for any Season." This tape continues an interview with Bill Veeck at his Hyde Park home. Veeck discusses money and the secret to success as a MLB owner.

00:05Copy video clip URL Continuation of the discussion about money. Veeck says that he has always been the largest investor in all of his clubs–it was a sign of security to other investors.

3:00Copy video clip URL Veeck gave to every other stockholder a 15% increase in order to undermine a sour deal–the game was more important than the money involved: “That was the way I always felt about money.”

3:30Copy video clip URL Interviewer Tom Weinberg: “Go back to why it is important to you to get the publicity, to be in the newspaper, to be known…” Veeck: “That was to sell tickets!”

4:07Copy video clip URL Veeck’s response: “It all goes back to a very simple thing. When you’re operating a ball club, for instance, you speak maybe 250 times a year for nothing. The idea is not because you want 250 audiences to say, ‘Oh, isn’t he bright?’ No. You want them to come to your ball club.”

5:22Copy video clip URL “You can’t guarantee that a ball game is going to be interesting…you have to get the people who are potential fans to come!…that’s where publicity comes in. That’s where midgets come in, exploding score boards come in…”

6:55Copy video clip URL “You can’t come up with a new gimmick every day, but you can be a focal point every day.”

7:51Copy video clip URL Veeck says that people are surprised when he speaks (good) English. “The fact is they have preconceived ideas and so your public image is quite different than your private image.” Weinberg: “You protect that private image.” Veeck: “In part…you don’t tell anybody something that isn’t true.”

10:17Copy video clip URL Veeck discusses providing an “unexpected,” fun atmosphere in ball clubs, which would help draw in crowds.

11:37Copy video clip URL Weinberg maintains that this suited Veeck because he likes to entertain people, likes to show people a good time. Veeck maintains that it was about success.

12:26Copy video clip URL “The money didn’t mean anything.” It was about the crowds.

15:00Copy video clip URL Weinberg: “Do you think you know more about baseball than most managers?” Veeck: “I’m pretty good. I’ve seen more ball games than almost anybody you can find around.” Discussion continues, including specific players and managers.

18:37Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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