[Veeck : A Man For Any Season raw #52]

Raw footage for the documentary "Veeck: A Man for Any Season." This tape features a continuation of footage of the Chicago Department of Human Services senior citizens of the year selection committee.

00:00Copy video clip URL Open to folders being perused. Committee going through various senior files. Camera pans over committee working.

2:53Copy video clip URL Cut to woman standing on office floor. Interviewer asks her about Bill Veeck: “I love the man because he makes me feel like every person in this city is a friend of his… every time I meet him I’m warm all over… I think he is the man of this city.”

4:46Copy video clip URL Cut to office workers, secretaries.

5:06Copy video clip URL Back in decision room. Construction and jackhammer heard in background.

7:20Copy video clip URL Veeck: “This is difficult because I have known her a long time.”

9:29Copy video clip URL Committee realizes that everyone has to evaluate every entry.

12:55Copy video clip URL Woman unrolls large lithograph prints by Carlos Cortez.

14:27Copy video clip URL Veeck discovers that Cortez doesn’t qualify for the award, since he is too young. Audio trouble.

15:30Copy video clip URL Video and audio sluggish. Committee investigates age criteria, Cortez is eligible.

16:47Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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