[Veeck: A Man For Any Season raw #55]

Raw footage for the documentary "Veeck: A Man for Any Season." This tape features some of Bill Veeck's friends interviewed at Wrigley Field, including Steve Trout, Vince Lloyd, Bob Logan, Harry Caray, and Lou Boudreau.

00:06Copy video clip URL Color bars.

1:05Copy video clip URL Open to Wrigley Field. Interview with Steve Trout: “I don’t think there’s been anyone more influential…”

2:06Copy video clip URL “Bill was good to my father…”

2:55Copy video clip URL Interview with Vince Lloyd. “Bill Veeck gave me the opportunity to pitch…he is baseball.”

4:35Copy video clip URL Harry Caray: “He’s the only owner I’ve run across who really thinks about the enjoyment of the fan…I can’t say enough about the man…he’s just a marvelous human being.”

7:30Copy video clip URL Caray tells an anecdote about asking Veeck, “By our habits and by our nature and by the way we are with people, because we’re kindred souls, you’d think we’d be real close pals.” Veeck’s response: “Harry, don’t you understand why this is better? You covered your part of town. And I covered my part of town. If we were together we would be taking only one part of town at a time.”

10:10Copy video clip URL Bob Logan interview: “Besides being a fountain of ideas and a legend in sports…he’s one of the great free-form conversationalists of our time.”

11:45Copy video clip URL Lou Boudreau: “Bill introduced entertainment to baseball. He was always in the fan’s corner the whole time.” He continues to recount being the general manager in Cleveland while Veeck was owner.

14:42Copy video clip URL Last interview: “Constantly thinking about the comfort of fans at the ballpark…”

17:15Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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