[Veeck: A Man For Any Season raw #67]

Raw footage for the documentary "Veeck: A Man For Any Season." Last day. Veeck talks about computers and how they changed baseball, among other things.

0:41Copy video clip URL Bill Veeck sits outside in a garden reading aloud from a word processor.

3:06 Veeck starts talking about the difference between using word processors and using typewriters. “The trouble with a word processor is very simple: it’s much easier to change, rewrite, and as a result you never get through rewriting.” He talks about when he was the only one to use a portable typewriter in the press box and the proliferation of word processors.

7:44Copy video clip URL Weinberg asks Veeck to elaborate on what he said about computers changing thigns. Veeck responds with an anecdote about a computer glitch concerning his subscription to the paper. “Your computer, that you are saying shows we don’t get anything but the Sunday Tribune, obviously is wrong. Do you think then the computer might be equally wrong in other things?”

10:44Copy video clip URL “The computers has changed baseball.” He talks about computers recording stats and events from games, and printed records kept at the bench to assess pitch hitters and new ballplayers.

13:05Copy video clip URL “[The computer is] the built-in excuse for every error, every transgression, in our society today… It’s an all-pervasive disaster.”

14:32Copy video clip URL “Now you have, today, it’s the computer that’s going to cause the end of society… What can you do? Argue with a computer?” He continues with an anecdote about American Airlines losing his daughter’s luggage.

17:00Copy video clip URL Off-screen voices ask to get shots of Veeck working on the computer without talking. Veeck obliges.

19:26Copy video clip URL End



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