[Veeck: A Man For Any Season raw #70]

Raw footage for the documentary "Veeck: A Man For Any Season." In this tape, Bill Veeck sits on a park bench and talks about perseverance, loyalty, the egos of athletes, and drugs.

00:00Copy video clip URL Bars and tone.

00:20Copy video clip URL Bill Veeck sits on a park bench talking about perseverance. “You may lose and lose and lose and yet you don’t have to be really a loser because tomorrow you’re going to win. It’s the people who say ‘Well that’s the way the world is.’ Well, it doesn’t have to be.”

01:54Copy video clip URL “It’s easier to keep one’s mouth shut and become chairman of the board than it is to work at the lower levels and go home and say ‘I was right.'”

02:44Copy video clip URL Veeck on loyalty. “You go home with the guys wot brung you, until you end up doing a disservice to other people.”

03:36Copy video clip URL If you show loyalty, you’ll get loyalty in return. But also, it’s more comfortable to work with people you know. He talks about Larry Doby, who calls once a month still. “You like to think you’ve done something to deserve this kind of loyalty… so when you get a chance you repay it any way you can. Sometimes you can’t give value received.”

05:47Copy video clip URL He talks about athletes who think that only good things should ever be written about them. “Athletes correlate in their own mind the money they’re being paid with their skills.” They only want to talk to the press when they’ve had a good day.

08:00Copy video clip URL Veeck concerning drugs. “No recorded society has ever existed that didn’t have some kind of drug.” This means that there have always been people who are less than completely happy.

19:45Copy video clip URL Veeck tells the story of a racehorse jockey who “buted” his horse. At the time it was illegal, but thereafter it was made legal. It was legal for humans the entire time. The question is, what makes a drug?

12:17Copy video clip URL Veeck says that in England they supply drugs to people who are listed as addicts, and that this undercuts the black market for drugs.

13:37Copy video clip URL Veeck says there is no evidence that marijuana is as addictive as alcohol, yet alcohol has a long history of being part of society, so when they tried to ban it, it didn’t work.

14:15Copy video clip URL Veeck contends that every drug has its benefits. Morphine helps with pain.

14:48Copy video clip URL “When does that drug become its use illegal and when does it become legal and moral?”

15:11Copy video clip URL Old baseball contracts placed physical requirements on the players. No one cared about the drugs. Veeck considers drug testing an invasion of privacy.

17:34Copy video clip URL “I have rallied for years for the rights of people against the rights of companies, the rights of government, and so on.”

18:32Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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