Veeck Commentaries, Reel 2

Footage of Veeck in different locations talking about various topics, several interviews, the interior/exterior of Wrigley Field, and several World Series games. Reel 2.

00:07Copy video clip URL Color bars. Monotone.

00:46Copy video clip URL Bill Veeck in Wrigley Field bleachers. Talking about the future of baseball: “You’re going to have ballplayers with transplanted arms…”

4:08Copy video clip URL Tape is fast forwarded. Veeck is continues his speculation about the future of sports/television. Ends with an aside about how he begrudges the owners the ability to pay athletes so much–“They have let it get out of hand…”

7:15Copy video clip URL Photo of Veeck on phone.

7:50Copy video clip URL Workers putting ivy on Wrigley Field wall.

8:48Copy video clip URL Large baseball statue.

8:51Copy video clip URL Shot inside Wrigley Field, focused on a grounds keeper trimming the ivy. Production crew discusses shot. Sound of circular saw in background.

10:20Copy video clip URL More grounds keepers getting the field ready. Video is fast forwarded several minutes.

10:55Copy video clip URL Shot of Wrigley Field scoreboard.

11:28Copy video clip URL Shot inside Wrigley Field looking out onto the street.Tape is fast forwarded through several shots of Wrigley Field’s interior.

12:37Copy video clip URL Shot of Wrigley Field banner on the front of the stadium.Tape is fast forwarded through severae ehots of the exterior.

14:01Copy video clip URL Shot of Veeck in his car in Wrigley Field parking lot. More fast forwarding.

15:11Copy video clip URL Veeck and Mary Frances getting ready for a trip to Hyde Park.

16:48Copy video clip URL Tape is fast forwarded. Black screen.

17:12Copy video clip URL Veeck in preparing for the final episode of his Saloon. Cut to black screen. Static.

19:04Copy video clip URL Television special about the 1959 World Series (Chicago White Sox vs. L.A. Dodgers). Play-by-play of the game by Vin Scully and Jack Brickhouse.

22:06Copy video clip URL Static.

22:15Copy video clip URL Back to special.

27:18Copy video clip URL Intro to game five. Cut to black screen.

27:48Copy video clip URL Black and white footage from a previous World Series (1938?). Very faint audio.

29:25Copy video clip URL Screen goes to black. Faint audio continues.

29:49Copy video clip URL Countdown. Footage from same Series, different game.

32:11Copy video clip URL Screen goes to black. Footage of same Series, different game. An older man in bed listens to the radio.

34:10Copy video clip URL Countdown. Footage from 1940 World Series. Highlights.

36:52Copy video clip URL Faint audio continues.

37:02Copy video clip URL Ray Grebey talking about television contracts.

37:24Copy video clip URL Man interviewing Veeck about television contracts.

37:41Copy video clip URL Ted Turner discussing the Braves and television revenues. Veeck brings up the topic of tax shelters. Turner says, “no, it’s a bomb shelter.”

38:46Copy video clip URL Tape is fast forwarded through several interviews.

39:35Copy video clip URL Turner talking about folding his soccer team.

40:33Copy video clip URL Veeck, in a different interview, maintains that the solution to baseball’s financial woes is to pool finances. Fast forwarding.

41:00Copy video clip URL Footage of White Sox batting practice/spring training.

41:15Copy video clip URL Veeck on a phone interview talking about spring training in general and why he decided to bring the White Sox to Florida for spring training.

43:19Copy video clip URL Shot inside batting cages.

43:29Copy video clip URL Black screen. Footage from inside locker rooms.

44:13Copy video clip URL Brief shot of a black and white photograph.

44:19Copy video clip URL Mengelt introducing Veeck’s Saloon. With Roger he discusses spring training: “We all ought to have a time to dream.”

47:40Copy video clip URL Time Out “Sport’s Almanac” promo.

47:45Copy video clip URL Mengelt thanking audience, as it is Time Out’s final episode. Credits.

49:36Copy video clip URL Brief footage of musical. Cut to black screen.

49:47Copy video clip URL Raw footage setting up for Veeck’s last episode of his Saloon.

53:57Copy video clip URL Cut to black. Color bars. Back to black.

54:20Copy video clip URL Promo for Time Out.

55:00Copy video clip URL Cut to Veeck interviewing an owner.

55:48Copy video clip URL Veeck doing an interview, the topic is arbitration.

56:30Copy video clip URL Veeck doing an interview with a White Sox catcher.

57:07Copy video clip URL Veeck doing an interview with Tony LaRusso.

57:53Copy video clip URL Footage of a theatrical performance in staged Wrigley Field bleachers.

58:17Copy video clip URL Credits over footage of a World Series.

59:17Copy video clip URL Oldest bat boy being interviewed by Veeck.

59:53Copy video clip URL Interview with Ray Meyer. They discuss black athletes.

1:00:40Copy video clip URL Another interview with an owner/manager of the Cubs.

1:01:08Copy video clip URL Veeck interviewing the sports editors of the Tribune and the Sun-Times.

1:02:01Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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