Veeck Montage edit #2

Edited montage of various Veeck interviews, shows, and promotional highlights.

00:11Copy video clip URL Color bars. Monotone.

00:53Copy video clip URL Open to Bill Veeck at a bar. He gives a brief biography of himself and a general introduction to the purpose of his show, “Bill Veeck’s Saloon” “I am going to try to recreate the fun and pleasure I’ve had in five decades of the larceny of athletics.”

2:30Copy video clip URL Footage from inside Comiskey Park. Narrator introduces Veeck’s influence in the game of promotion. Montage of many of these promotions. Veeck: “This world would be better if people didn’t take it so seriously. The world isn’t so grim. It’s kind of wonderful.”

3:28Copy video clip URL Bill Brashler, Waldo, and Veeck at the bar for a segment of “Bill Veeck’s Saloon.” They discuss the NCAA tournament.

6:21Copy video clip URL Veeck’s outro to the segment. He laments the loss of any moral compass in sports, such as Lou Saban jumping from contract to contract: “Both the pot and the kettle stink.”

8:10Copy video clip URL They discuss contract renegotiation and the egos of owners.

10:47Copy video clip URL Later in the show. A new guest is present. They are discussing Reggie Jackson. Veeck is visibly inebriated.

12:48Copy video clip URL Veeck and Waldo  in Powell’s Bookstore, Hyde Park. Cut to black.

15:58Copy video clip URL Brief shot of Veeck and Waldo in Powell’s.

16:00Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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