Veeck Tribute for Heart Association

A tribute to Bill Veeck, the baseball entrepreneur and maverick.

00:00Copy video clip URL Bars and tone.

00:53Copy video clip URL A clip from The Bill Veeck Show. He shows off a heart-lung machine and explains its function.

01:37Copy video clip URL A clip from Bill Veeck’s Front Office. “Of course I, being egotistical, imagine that I am eminently qualified to do this thing.” He talks about his experience working in ballparks and buying the Milwaukee Brewers with Charlie Grimm, and later the Cleveland Indians.

03:35Copy video clip URL He talks about Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle. He says Mantle is one of the best-looking rookies he’s seen in a while.

05:00Copy video clip URL Bill Veeck tells a story from Kipling. The story of “How the Elephant Got Its Trunk.”

05:41Copy video clip URL Narration by Mary Frances Veeck, taken from the opening to “Veeck: A Man For Any Season.”

07:22Copy video clip URL Footage of Bill Veeck speaking at Northeastern Illinois University. “I’ve been hanging around the athletic fringe for the greater part of my life.” He talks about bad ballclubs, about owning the St. Louis Browns.

09:41Copy video clip URL He talks about Leroy “Satchel” Paige. Veeck doesn’t think he’s ever seen a better pitcher.

11:00Copy video clip URL Paige had “pride in performance.” He was confident.

13:03Copy video clip URL The last ballgame Paige pitched, he was 60 years old. He allowed one hit in three innings. He struck-out five of the ten hitters. He worked on a new pitch, even though he knew it was his last game. “He was a real professional.”

14:42Copy video clip URL Bill Veeck at a basketball court. “I think I can truthfully say that I have never been bored.” He has enjoyed his life. People keep him from being bored. The exchange of ideas.

18:22Copy video clip URL “To give a person an elephant is much more interesting than to give them a car. They’re both means of transportation… The spice is from the differences.”

19:45Copy video clip URL Getting older involves recognizing the limitations of time. Time becomes finite. “You find without question that that time becomes more precious because there’s less of it.” Veeck speculates that maybe this is why babies sleep all the time and the elderly don’t sleep as much.

21:40Copy video clip URL “The greatest fear I had in Illinois Masonic Hospital was of not getting to see [Mary Frances] again… It made me appreciate more the value of time.”

22:15Copy video clip URL Footage of Veeck interacting with people.

22:42Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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