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Raw footage of jokes for the show "Punchline", shot in Venice Beach, California.

0:00 Man tells bad joke on Venice Beach. Police drive by. Then he tells racist jokes about Mexicans. Another man does joke about pubic hair.

2:00 Man from LA does werid joke about schizophrenia, and then joke about exorcism.

3:03 Man tells joke about making a horse laugh and cry to win money in a bar.

4:07 Man tells joke about fishing.

4:55 Woman tells a joke about Valley Girls.

5:23 Woman tells joke about an African man learning English.

6:56 Woman from Chicago sings song “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” in weird voice.

7:32 Woman tells joke about a Black man and a parrot.

8:08 Man tells joke about California beaches.

8:52 Woman tells a joke about a frog who tries to get a loan from a bank.

9:50 Man tells joke about ice fishing.

10:58 Man tells a joke about how to get rid of crabs.

12:07 Man tells a joke about Jesus and Pinnochio.

13:12 Another man tells same joke about ice fishing.

14:21 Woman tells joke about St. Peter at Heaven’s Gate giving out cars based on fidelity to spouses.

16:04 Man tells a joke about the difference between herpes and AIDS.

16:30 Man tells joke about paratroopers who are afraid to jump and then one about a Jewish man in New York. The joke really makes no sense.

18:50 Man tells a joke about a stuttering man who makes extreme bets.

21:05 Man tells joke about diaries for people with AIDS

21:38 Man on rollerskates tells joke about Polish man with bad burns who mistook his iron for the phone.

22:36 Man who told joke about paratroopers tells one about Moses, Jesus, and a little old man playing a game of golf. Then he tells another about a gay guy in a bar.

25:03 Same rollerskates guy makes a joke about Jewish American Princesses. Then another one about a Polish man making a delivery of monkeys to a zoo.

26:54 Man tells offensive joke about a military man raping a woman.

27:24 Man tells a joke about an Indian man with a cat and a bag of shit.

28:33 Woman tells a joke about Toys ‘R Us in Harlem. Then another about a herd of masturbating cows.

29:32 Man tells a joke about a Baptist preacher who is easily bribed.

30:23 Man tells a nonsensical joke about some gay guys in a bar who have a farting contest.

31:12 Man tells a joke about a monster. He then tells an offensive joke about gay guys. Then one about Vietnamese cooking dogs.

31:50 Rollerskates guy tells joke about Marvin Gaye being shot. Then another one about Gaye that didn’t make sense. Then one about a hooker.

34:09 A boy tells a joke about a soldier who salutes to a refrigerator. Then he tells another about a jelly roll.

35:22 Man tells a joke about bubblegum, which someone ruins. Then one about going to a party where a woman kept winking at him.

36:40 Woman tells a joke about Dolly Parton’s son. Then one about why one would not want to be an egg.

37:15 Man with bubblegum joke tells joke that didn’t really make sense.

37:50 Man tells joke about driving to the racetrack and losing money and getting a flat tire and being out of gas and getting offered rubber bands.

39:35 Little boy tells a joke about Lionel Richie and one about a vampire.

40:17 Little girl tells a joke about why men don’t take off their hats. She mumbles too much to hear the punch line.

40:35 Woman tells a joke about Alex Haley.

40:49 Kid talks to a guy who makes a joke about LA. There are a lot of retakes for some reason.

44:05 Shot of street with pedestrians and bicycles.

44:29 Color bars and tone. Sign says Tell a Joke on TV. Shot from extreme low angle. Man bends dow n with sign and tells LA joke again. Lots of retakes.

47:37 Shot of bikini-clad woman’s belly as she laughs. She tries to make it jiggle as much as possible.

49:14 Shot of Weinberg’s belly as he laughs.

50:19 Shot of another man’s belly as he laughs. He is so skinny that his belly does nothing.

51:03 Another man’s belly.

51:51 Another man’s belly.

52:30 Yet another man’s belly.

52:52 Another.

53:23 Another.

54:08 Woman in bikini’s belly.

54:43 Little boy named Nikki’s belly. He won’t do it. It is someone’s kid from the crew. He runs around and jumps, but never laughs. He starts to get upset.

56:21 Niki’s dad does it.

56:38 Back with Niki. He jumps and then gets upset again.



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