[The 90’s raw: Venice Beach Pedestrian Tunnel Homeless]

This is a video by Judith Binder of a Venice Beach pedestrian tunnel that has become occupied by homeless people. Judith does a small interview with the man in charge there for the TV show, The 90's.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on street with camera going down into what seems like a subway covered in graffiti. Seems to be a homeless refuge. No sound for a while.

1:05Copy video clip URL Judith Binder, the videomaker, talks with a homeless man who talks about the homeless shelter and how long it’s been going on. The man talks about how poor people throw out more than rich people, how he recycles other people’s junk. “As the distribution of wealth gets more drastic…I suspect one day I will be paid by the government to do what I do now even though the government don’t want to.” Classic rock is playing in the background from a radio. The man in charge of the tunnel says, “Put yourself last, put the needs of people before your own lust.” He also apparently started sand-ominiums and tent city. He also seems to have trouble with the police not cleaning up the graffiti when they evict him because he tries to beautify every place he stays in.

14:52Copy video clip URL Judith exits the tunnel and gets shots of the street.

15:22Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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