[Vermont Avenue: Extra Large Clothing Store, Y-Que]

Raw footage of Los Angeles examining the up and coming area of Los Feliz on Vermont Avenue. Cameraman Skip Blumberg focusing many of his questions on the recession. Also features an accidental run-in with Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

00:00Copy video clip URL First location is Extra Large Clothing Store, a store for skateboarders founded by a member of the Beastie Boys.

00:09Copy video clip URL Short clip of a boy speaking about how he dislikes R&B and says it is “jack.”

00:51Copy video clip URL Questions about the recession/recovery.

01:02Copy video clip URL Interview with store employee/manager/owner? on multiple subjects.

03:29Copy video clip URL Making money? “Yeah were making money, but it’s all really going back in… Yeah but we do like about a million dollars a year for clothes.”

05:47Copy video clip URL “I like it, but it’s so esoteric and weird, but they like it anyways and it makes me feel good when you can come up with some hair-brained idea…”

07:38Copy video clip URL Shirt examples and comments on art.

10:24Copy video clip URL Skateboard ticks by Joey, 18 years old. The Extra Large Store sponsors his skating, by providing free clothes.

12:50Copy video clip URL Joey decides to get a haircut because he “can’t hang.” He has had a “tail” for a year and has it cut off with the intention of dying his hair that night.

19:58Copy video clip URL “I’m gonna feel like a pariah in school dude. You know an outcast… someone who doesn’t belong.”

22:11Copy video clip URL Flea, the bassist from the band The Red Hot Chili Peppers, is purchasing rugs at a store that carries Mexican and Native American products.

25:26Copy video clip URL “Mexican people are the soul of Los Angeles, if you ask me. Mexicans are definitely the only soul of Hollywood… the families, and the whole style.”

26:11Copy video clip URL Blumberg asks producer Tom Weinberg if he knows who Flea and the band are. Weinberg: “I do. I have a picture of his cock with a sock on it on my wall” (in reference to the bands trademark performance stunt).

28:06Copy video clip URL A long panning shot from outside multiple storefronts.

28:30Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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