Video Broadcasting Network; Episode no. 01.

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

0:00 Color bars and tone.

0:24 Host Tom Madden introduces show.

0:53 Dick Wiley does an interview with FCC Chairman Mark Fowler.

2:30 Cut out to footage of a guest on David Letterman with no audio (clearly a dubbing mistake).

6:20 Audio comes in, but horribly distorted.

9:10 Return to interview with Mark Fowler, just at the end

9:20 Host introduces new segment. Ron Suttle, product manager for JVC, talks about the KY-1800, a new portable camera. A man from RCA introduces “The Hawkeye”, a VHS broadcast camera.

13:19 Commercial for Entertainment Tonight.

14:21 Host introduces Bill Baker, President of the Westinghouse Television Group. He discusses the expansion of national newstime, taking away time from local news. He suggests networks can find plenty of time to use that doesn’t take away from local providers.

18:40 Commercial for Mork and Mindy. “You don’t have to be from outer space to see that Mork and Mindy will succeed in syndication like nothing else!”

19:45 Paul Klein, a former NBC executive, gives his predictions for upcoming quarterly ratings reports.

25 :40 Host introduces Don Prichitell, who shows a segment from his syndicated show featuring Paul Strassels, who gives tax advice for viewers.

27:58 Roger Rice, President of TVB, talks about business predictions for the television industry and its relations to retailers. He predicts rises through 1981 , and a takeoff in 1982. He offers his magazine, “Ad Week”. He introduces a television advertisement for Gantos, a regional department store.

31:25 Commercial for Taxi in syndication.

32:35 Host introduces interview with Mike Weinblatt, former president of NBC Entertainment, and current president of Showtime. They show racy scenes from a new Showtime series, “Romance.” It is essentially a soap opera.

39:15 Host introduces segments on upcoming episodes and hawks for cash.

41:15 End of tape.



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