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0:00 Count-in

0:10 Nixon pre-resignation tape.

0:33 The 90’s Intro

0:50 Grace Paley talks about the need for decent television.

1:05 Old couple interviewed about cable television, bingo, and country music.

1:20 Man talks about small town desire to see themselves on TV, and his early work with black and white tape.

1:55 Clip of barbershop quartet singing on street by group mentioned above.

2:07 Juan Downey talks about taping Venezualan Indian hunters, who don’t kill him because of his camera.

3:18 Three girls give free advice on the street. A woman asks “Should I dye my hair?”

4:10 A street cook prepares a meal of seasoned morning glory leaves for Skip Blumberg in Thailand.

5:15 “These Are the Rules” by Doug Hall. Man with red skin yells etiquette rules to camera.

6:28 Deep Dish TV Network Presents: “The People and the Land.” A priest from St. Anne’s talks to a crowd about giving sanctuary to FDIC machinery.

7:40 Video for “Yuppie” song. Satirizes yuppie lifestyle.

8:33 David Halberstam commentary by Tom Weinberg and Skip Blumberg. Halberstam talks about how young people today are going to compete with people from around the world for jobs that their parents were almost guaranteed. “The new definition of national security is…’How good is your high school graduate?’ The easy affluence has gone; other nations have caught up…slice of middle class is slimmer…Americans are now competing with people their age from Osaka, Beijing, Singapore, Jakarta etc.”


9:30 Asian filmmaker talks about bringing together former Woodstock attendees for a project. From “Japanese at Woodstock” by Bart Friedman.

10:17 African-American girl asks for advice from the Advice Ladies about sticking with her local boyfriend or committing to a m an she’s fallen for in London.

11:00 “First Contact” by Rob Wolff. Animated sequence where a small pod lands on a desk, only to be smashed by a fly-swatter.

11:30 Pat Boone and a priest appear to speak in tongues to Jesus.

12:30 Interviewer talks to Sherrie Palz at a shooting range about firing guns. “It’ll do the job.”

13:10 “Uncle Sam Falls” by Bill Stamets. A humorous clip where a mannequin dressed as Uncle Sam topples over and people scramble to right him.

13:45 A cameraman at a protest gets harassed by police.

14:15 Discussion of indigenous groups in Amazonian Brazil and their response to encroachment of technological civilization. Chiefs of indigenous groups introduce themselves to each police man. Man discusses interesting development that indigen ous groups are not weakened by civilized world, but use it to communicate.

16:00 Three advice women suggest girl pursue relationship with man in London.

16:40 Blues band music video amid shots of patrons of the bar.

17:45 Muddy Waters talks about blues as “the mother” of music.

18:08 Mayor B.J. Berry of Jersey City talks about outlawing rock and roll. Young kids playing rock talk to old, disturbed interviewer.

18:45 Twins Jenny and Judy Carroll talk about importance of Elvis Presley’s music.

19:05 Frankie “Buttons” Horrocks talks about falling in love with Elvis after seeing “Blue Hawaii.”

19:38 Carroll twins talk about bringing men home and a boring ritual involving Elvis Presley music and Yahtzee.

20:15 Horrocks talks about surviving in the post-Elvis world.

20:23 Shots of people visiting graceland, and Memphis shops over song about Elvis.

20:45 Old woman talks about raising gourds and turning them into instruments, and the healing power of gourd band music.

22:03 Performance of Minnie’s Gourd Band playing “When the Saints Go Marching In.”

22:20 Nello Fontano talks fondly about his wife, and being married for 33 years. Mrs. Fontano cuts a tomato and talks about not believing in divorce. She talks about her reasons for being happy, especially her family.

24:11 Bill Murray introduces “Wired In” and “Wired In” titles.

24:45 END



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