Video Newscasting Network; Episode no. 02

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0:00 Host Tom Madden introduces show and interview with Dick Wiley and Mark Fowler, Chairman of the FCC. This interview is continued from episode one. They discuss PTAR and the development of pay television service. Fowley discuss his opposition to government interference with television.

8:18 Chuck Fruit, media director for Anheuser-Busch talks with Tom Madden about an advertising agreement with cable network ESPN. Fruit insists that movement into cable does not reflect a movement away from broadcast network priorities. Fruit talks about “The Clydesdale Collection”, a catalog of consumer items emblazoned with the company logo.

12:30 An unseen commercial, “The Beer Hunter”, shot by ad executives in homage to the Russian Roulette scene of “The Deer Hunter.”

14:22 Madden introduces Gustave Hauser, CEO of Warner Amex Cable Communications, a developer of the remote control. Hauser talks about the future possibilities of interactive television, including home viewer voting and home shopping. He discusses the future of cable television and its relation to the broadcast market.

19:20 PSA-type story about Special Effects. “Don’t try this at home, kids!” Madden introduces Dr. Jerome Singer, who created a curriculuum about television for children with his wife, Dr. Dorothy Singer. He discusses the need for children to understand television as an entity not necessarily involving truth.

23:40 Jim Cusick talks with Tom Madden talks about the importance of the field reporter. He shows an example from Peter Dench in Miami. Hare Krishnas push him around, he investigates the District Attorney, etc. Cusick solicits submissions from field reporters. Madden signs off.

25:50 End credits.

27:00 End of tape.



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