[Videofreex book release party]

Members of the Videofreex convene in Woodstock, NY to celebrate the release of Parry Teasdale's book "Videofreex: America's First Pirate TV Station & The Catskills Collective That Turned It On."

00:00Copy video clip URL Camera opens on highway with cars driving past in both directions, zooming in on a Cadillac Ranch Steakhouse across the street. 

00:14Copy video clip URL Camera cuts to footage shot from the windshield of a moving car on the highway. A voice comes on introducing the tape. The car passes a sign that reads “Catskill Ski Region.” 

00:48Copy video clip URL The cameraman, Skip Blumberg, talks about his enjoyment shooting road tapes. Continued footage of the road, signs, and buildings being passed. 

02:00Copy video clip URL Blumberg cleans the camera lens. 

02:13Copy video clip URL The camera captures the view from the windshield as the car goes through a car wash. 

04:03Copy video clip URL The camera cuts to a closeup of roadkill. 

04:18Copy video clip URL Cut to footage inside someone’s home, as four individuals discuss the painting on a wooden bench.

04:47Copy video clip URL A closeup of a flyer that reads, “The Golden Notebook invites you to a party and video show in honor of Parry D. Teasdale, author of Videofreex”

05:00Copy video clip URL The cameraman talks to a woman named Carol. She introduces their location, Woodstock, NY. They are going to the book signing of Parry Teasdale. 

06:24Copy video clip URL Closeup of Parry’s book, “Videofreex: America’s First Pirate TV Station and the Catskills Collective that Turned It On”

06:30Copy video clip URL Footage of the cameraman socializing with individuals at the book signing party.  

07:53Copy video clip URL Camera cuts to a television screen playing Videofreex footage. The camera zooms out to show a seated audience observing the television. 

8:57Copy video clip URL Skip records conversation with Mary Curtis Ratcliff. 

10:53Copy video clip URL Camera cuts back to television screen playing Videofreex footage. 

11:44Copy video clip URL Bloomberg continues to interview former Videofreex members.

14:30Copy video clip URL Footage of Parry Teasdale signing books. 

16:00Copy video clip URL Continued footage of the event and conversations among attendees. 



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