Milly’s Orchid Show, Park West, June 5, 1999, pt. 1

A performance of Milly's Orchid Show, a variety program hosted by Brigid Murphy at the Park West. Performers include Bryn Magnus and Patricia Barber.

00:00Copy video clip URL Patricia Barber plays. Milly briefly joins her on stage, before Barber returns to the piano. [no sound until 12:52]

14:50Copy video clip URL Milly takes the stage and apologizes to Bryn Magnus for a scheduling snafu. She calls for Matt Goldman to assist her with a raffle drawing. Goldman takes the stage and asks what the raffle is for; Milly says that it’s to raise funds for a movie she wants to make. She announces some of the prizes and then Goldman draws numbers from a bucket. Several of the numbers go unclaimed, and the crowd becomes unruly. Milly introduces Bryn Magnus

34:40Copy video clip URL Bryn Magnus reads a long monologue.

37:10Copy video clip URL A faux ad for Billy Ben Bob’s Amazing Expanded Sausage starring Milly is projected.

38:50Copy video clip URL During intermission, the crowd mills about. Certain audience members speak to the camera of their enthusiasm for Milly and her show. Various conversations are captured.

41:45Copy video clip URL Audiences members gather in front of the Park West during intermission. Someone leads the the camera in questioning people as to their take on the show. After a cut, a doorman is interviewed.

45:15Copy video clip URL Milly gives out raffle prizes from the stage.

56:00Copy video clip URL Willie May is introduced and does a twirl. She reads a piece from Twelfth Night.

58:30Copy video clip URL Milly takes the stage and introduces the Midnight Circus.

59:55Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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