[Natural Footage of Montana / Bear Tribe]

Footage of natural landscapes in Montana and of the Bear Tribe Self-Reliance Center, including a traditional pipe ceremony led by Blackfoot tribe member Sun Bear.

00:02Copy video clip URL Images of a forest and the surrounding mountains. 

03:37Copy video clip URL Footage of the mountains taken from a moving car.

04:19Copy video clip URL Trees and mountains. 

05:37Copy video clip URL Light abstracted into abstract patterns. 

06:52Copy video clip URL Wildflowers, leaves. 

08:38Copy video clip URL Light abstracted into abstract patterns. 

09:43Copy video clip URL More natural landscapes.

13:30Copy video clip URL Footage of hang gliding. 

18:25Copy video clip URL Nighttime landscapes. Children playing at night. 

28:19Copy video clip URL Rural buildings, daytime. Children on a school playground. 

31:11Copy video clip URL A Blackfoot man talks about the way his culture thinks of education, focusing on the links to nature, as he stands outside.  The snowy landscape. 

37:51Copy video clip URL Over footage of nature, an offscreen commenter discusses the significance of headwaters of the Cut Bank River in the valley below, and the streams and waters that people and animals on the Blackfoot Reservation depend on for their lives. 

38:28Copy video clip URL Birds. 

39:28Copy video clip URL Fog moves across a distant mountain and the valley below. 

43:48Copy video clip URL The founders of the Bear Tribe Self-Reliance Center, Sun Bear and his female partner, discuss their community and their devotion to self-sufficiency. He discusses the vision that he had as a young man that inspired the center. 

48:07Copy video clip URL The importance of the sweat lodge. They discuss their upcoming book, The Medicine Wheel

49:51Copy video clip URL Sun Bear and Bear Tribe community members outside, smoking a traditional pipe and hold hands in a circle. 

61:13Copy video clip URL Bear Tribe members at work building a small house. 



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