[Vito Marzullo raw #1]

Raw tape #1 for Vito Marzullo documentary. Footage from the 1978 Democratic Party Dinner in Chicago, a reception for then-President Jimmy Carter. This tape is mostly pre-dinner, with Marzullo greeting friends and acquaintances and the official guests being announced. Audio only!

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars and tone.

00:53Copy video clip URL Tone ends, but color bars remain. We hear the sounds of a party with Marzullo walking around the room greeting people: “Hi Judge! How are ya, pal?” “God bless your wife, she’s a wonderful woman.” “Hiya Jerry!” “My favorite alderman.” An announcer repeatedly entreats guests to find their seats. Marzullo recites some numbers, presumably looking for his seat.

06:05Copy video clip URL Sound cuts in and out.

06:44Copy video clip URL Sound returns. The official guests are announced, including Alderman William Lipinski, Alderman Edward R. Vrdolyak, attorney Michael Siegel, Alderman Vito Marzullo (who gets hearty applause), Alderman Cecil Partee, former Lt. Governor Neil Hartigan, Congressman Ralph Metcalf, Congressman Morgan F. Murphy, President Pro Tem of Illinois Thomas Hynes, candidate for Governor Michael Bakalis, Mrs. Richard J. Daley (who gets an excessive bout of applause–30 seconds), Senator Adlai Stevenson, Congressman Dan Rostenkowski, “first lady of Chicago” Mrs. Michael Bilandic, Sheriff Richard J. Elrod, Secretary of State Alan Dixon, candidate for Lt. Governor Richard J. Durbin, Cook County Commissioner Ruby Ryan, Cook County Recorder of Deeds Sidney Olson, and many more.

17:19Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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